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Thread: Anyone else take Trace Mineral Drops?

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    Feb 2011

    Anyone else take Trace Mineral Drops?

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    I have started taking Trace Mineral Drops daily. I only drink bottled water so I worry about missing out on minerals that I need.
    These have 250 mg magnesium, 690 mg chloride, 5 mg sodium, 3 mg potassium and a bunch of other minerals.
    Do you think taking it is good or would I be better of taking something else or just a magnesium supplement?

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    I add some trace minerals (ConcenTrace) to my water because I have a reverse osmosis filter. I also take a magnesium supplement.

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    I'm interested in this topic as well. We're seriously thinking of getting an RO filter, and since at the office they just switched out the bottled water service for an RO based unit I'd basically be facing getting almost 100% of my water from RO sources. A trace mineral supplement would seem to be a good idea in that situation, but I haven't been able to dig up much solid info/experience.

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