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Thread: I Love Duck Eggs!

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    I Love Duck Eggs!

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    Last week I bought some eggs from a farmer at a church I visited. He was selling them after church in the auditorium. We love eggs and we're always running out too fast. He had the cartons set up to include 8 chicken eggs and 4 duck eggs. Well, okay then....

    The chicken eggs went first. Because I was scared of the duck eggs. The chicken eggs were AMAZING. The best eggs I've ever had (and I've had some mighty fine, pasture-raised eggs in my time).

    I was scared of the duck eggs. They looked "normal" enough except they were THREE times the size of the chicken eggs.

    I "googled" them. I worked up some courage. I fried up some bacon. Fried two duck eggs (OMG, they're eggs for GIANTS!) in the bacon fat. Put it all on a plate with some avocado and sriracha sauce.

    I am very pleased! The yolk to egg-white proportion is different than chicken eggs -- more yolk in duck eggs! I love yolks. They are more rich and flavorful than chicken eggs. I love them.
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    Duck eggs are one of my favorite farmers market treats.

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    psh, i hear ya, sisters. it is my fav farmers market treat as well. that giant, golf ball sized orange yolk and all of its flavor... jeez. i normally eat 3 fried eggs in the morning, and one duck egg normally does the trick. i hope i can find 'em soon, seems like the spring time is the only season that brings them around.

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    Why make it just a farmers market treat? You can easily get a pair of layers and toss 'em in your backyard. They're friendly, eat up all the bugs, slugs and toads and they just need a pool or pond.

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    Oooh I wanna try duck eggs SO badly!!! I will find some this summer, I WILL!
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    i would love to try some! a man i used to work for used to have geese and he said the eggs were lovely

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    I haven't had duck eggs yet, but this past weekend I got to try some goose eggs. They are also about 3 times the size of chicken. They were yolky and delicious.

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    Ever try quail eggs?

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    I grew up on duck eggs... sometimes we'd get a "double yolker" I LOVED that.

    I haven't had them since I was a teenager though.

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    What are you paying? Last weekend at the Union Sq greenmarket regular eggs (cage free blah blah blah) were going for $8/dozen! Are you freaking kidding me? $8?!

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