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Thread: Hi - I suck at these intros

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    Hi - I suck at these intros

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    Hi everyone.
    I've been transitioning into Primal. The last month or so I would have some sugary beverage about 1x/week. The last couple of weeks though I haven't drunk any calories.

    I actually need to put on around 10lbs. (or so my doc says) 'cause I'm underweight. I just didn't eat that much when eating a lot of carbs 'cause I often got bloated which messed with my appetite. But I noticed that cutting out all the bad carbs seems to make me hungrier more often. It's also made a big difference with my energy 'cause even though I've been on thyroid meds I was still struggling with major lethargy.

    If anyone has any weight gain suggestions I would really appreciate it! I know putting on some muscle would help that as I started out not being a very physically active person at all.

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