Hey Ladies,

I've been primal since mid-January and so far, I loved it. I have more energy than ever, I've lost about 12 lbs, my skin is clearer, my mood is better (and more consistent), etc...

BUT Aunt Flow/my monthly visitor/my period is here and I'm really suffering. I've read that for a lot of women, they stop cramping at all, but mine seems to be worse than ever.

I'm in a ton of pain and I'm EXTREMELY tired and weak. I feel completely worn out. My sleep schedule hasn't changed so I know I'm not actually tired, I just feel horrible.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

I'm wondering about my carb intake. I usually stay around 50g per day. Is there any reason that I should strive for more during my period? Would it help? Not bread, but maybe sweet potatoes or something? Or should I be having less carbs? Or something else entirely?

Thank you in advance!