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Thread: 1 year later - after dropping over 100 lbs

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    1 year later - after dropping over 100 lbs

    So it has been a year since I lost over 100 pounds. I went from around 300 pounds in January 2009 to 155 in May of 2010. I started with a 700 calorie a day low carb diet but switched about 1/2 way to primal. I'm now pretty paleo, eschewing dairy at this point. I managed to maintain the 155 for quite a while, with everyone telling me I was too thin. Between November and January, I got back up to 175. I didn't really fall THAT far off the wagon. There was no cake or pie over the holidays. There were quite a few primal almond flour cookies and "paleo balls" consisting of dates and walnuts. And lots of nuts and cheese. I didn't have much luck getting back down below 170 doing unweighed, unmeasured paleo. I had to cut out bacon, nuts, dairy and calorie restrict some to get back down to 166 today. I still feel like I have a bit to lose, I've still got a bit of the dreaded "man boobs". I've been doing daily 16 hour IF ala leangains since January.

    My takeaway from this?

    A- You can lose weight really quickly on primal or unweighed paleo when you are really overweight.

    B- When you get to around 30 pounds over "ideal" - meaning looking like Brat Pitt, weight, things are gonna get harder and you WILL have to calorie restrict.

    C- Paleo "treats" like almond flour cookies and pancakes and whatnot WILL put weight on if it isn't a VERY occasional treat if you've been obese before.

    D- Paleo Balls are the devil. They will make you gain weight REAL quick.

    E- Even on a fairly calorie restricted Paleo diet, your body will WANT to keep 10 pounds or so of "emergency" fat on your body. I'd say this is because you are eating nutrient dense foods here!

    F- The last 10 pounds... the elusive 6 pack! Time will tell! I'm not sure that it is even possible to go from morbidly obese to ripped. If anyone has, I'd love to know!

    Start- 300 pounds

    June 2010, 155

    Now, 170ish
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    Let me be the first to say Wow! good job.
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    Wow - fantastic pics and awesome takeaways - great job!!!

    "Do or do not do, there is no try" - Yoda

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    Fear not; this guy has gone from obese to ripped: The Gabriel Method - Weightloss without Dieting

    I agree with everything else, especially the primal treats. I won't even keep almond or coconut flour in the house.

    Eating during a 3-4 hour window every day seems to be helping me eat less and dig into those last 10-20 pounds I have hanging around.
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    You were one of my biggest inspirations when I first joined the site, I am really glad to see you post again.
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    You have done fan-freaking-tastic, and there is so much wisdom in your observations one year out (which need to be a made into an MDA sticky). This needs to be featured in the Friday success stories.

    I always love when you post and wish you'd hang around more often. People here need your help and experience and inspiration.

    (In your second picture, you really look like Kramer from Seinfeld.)
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    too thin, my ass. you look great, it's how people are SUPPOSEd to look. nice tight pants btw
    28 yrs, 5'8.5"
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    You look fantastic!

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    I think you look great! I and love your signature line!

    I quit making "primal treats" long ago...they always seem to be such a poor version of the real thing that they don't really satisfy my craving for <insert neolithic food here>, that my desire for it wasn't sated.
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    Fantastic. How do you FEEL? Besides emotionally....
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