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Thread: Spicy Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers

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    Spicy Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers

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    I'm new to the forum and thought I would share a recipe I thought up last year. I make it for breakfast, and have also taken it to a few potlucks, and everyone who tried it said "wow, I want the recipe." Apologies in advance if this violates any PB rules... I think it is "PB Correct."

    I'll just write the basics to save space-

    start with-
    A bunch of mini sweet peppers.
    Yellow or Zucchini squash (or both), two usually does it
    Walnuts, about a cup
    A bit of Romano cheese
    Olive oil
    Spices: Paprika, turmeric, basil, black pepper, and if you want, some curry

    Cut tops off peppers and clean out seeds.
    Shred the squash/zucchini with a fine cheese grater.
    Grind the walnuts and a little Romano in a food processor.

    Mix the shredded squash with the walnuts/cheese, and mix in spices.

    Fry the mix in a pan with olive oil, like you would make potato pancakes. Cook until brown. (This is really good by itself)

    Break up the browned thing and stuff the peppers with it.

    Grill for 4 min at 350F on a 2-sided grill.

    Experiment to taste. I like it with curry, but for a potluck I back it down a little.

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    That sounds really yummy...any pics?

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    No, sorry forgot to get pics I guess!

    I found some pics of a cheap variation though... I was in a really big rush and tried this instead-

    Make the mix above, but instead of shredded squash, slice it, and put the mix on top...

    Then grill it, and it makes a crusty top.

    I showed the pics at some small site where we trade ideas and the others went "Yuk! Looks like you tripped and dropped them on the beach!"

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