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Thread: Ideas for the injured

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    Ideas for the injured

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    New forum member here; a friend found out I was doing low-carb dieting (I'm 6f4i, was 326lbs two weeks ago, now 308lb) and suggested I visit this site. I have been absorbing it at the fastest pace I can and have already adjusted away from the restrictions of the Atkins-style diet to a more primal one. I'm assuming it will not hinder my weight loss in any way.

    However, one of the main reasons for my weight gain in the first place is that I have suffered for four years with a very painful condition on both of my heels called Haglund's Deformity, which restricts achilles tendon movement and makes even simple walking almost unbearable. So to all of you who patrol this fitness forum, what can I do for cardio other than lifting heavy things quickly? I'm very happy to do that of course, but walking is painful and aggravates my condition, sprinting is obviously out of the question, and even riding a bike exerts too much pressure on my achilles and heels.

    Any suggestions? Be gentle on the new guy.

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    Welcome new guy.

    Aqua aerobics. Deep end with a belt so no foot impact. Ideally in a fun class but on your own is fine too.
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    I get nearly all my "cardio" from high intensity circuit training style sessions - find some exercises that don't aggrevate the condition and put them together in a variety of sequences

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    I second the suggestion of aqua aerobics. Start in the deep end with a belt like suggested, and get some basic fitness in. Then as you get better move to shallower water, and walk/jog. The bouyancy of the water decreases your weight and that should help a lot.

    Then you could do whatever upper body exercises you wanted, shouldn't really be limited there. Provided just standing isnt to aggravated.

    My guess is that as you continue to lose weight, the condition may become less aggravating.

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    Try to get some weight-stuff in - pull-ups, dips, presses (seated if necessary), bench. Back extension and abs / ghd should also work. And - if you have access - do machines for the legs. I don't like them if you can do the real thing but if not they should be good

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    Thanks everyone.

    One of the questions I started the thread for, but then forgot to ask -- is weight training an acceptable substitute for sprinting/walking/hiking/cardio? Coach P indicates yes... but do I need to worry about overdoing it, as with cardio -- is there a fine line to stay behind?

    Thanks again...

    P.S. Deep dark secret -- terrified of water immersion/swimming... I know -- not good...

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    You have to work within your means, so yes weight training is a fine replacement. Ideally the goal is to build up so you can do those other activities again.

    Have you considered formal physical therapy, that can work with you on your injury? They can also help formulate an resistance exercise program that would help work around the injury and get you back to a more functional state?

    If you find a quality therapist who is trained in aquatic therapy, they can tailor the program in a way that makes you more comfortable in the water, and may even help you over time overcome that fear as you get more comfortable.

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    I forgot to address the other part of your question. Regarding over training, learn to listen to your body. If you are sore from a workout wait a few days until not sore anymore than lift again. Once you can lift without being sore, then start bumping up the weights. Look, Listen, and pay attention to how you feel before, during, and after your workouts. Especially the next morning as a good indicator of whether you are overworking yourself or not. Proper nutrition as in stick to the primal blueprint will go a long ways in this effect also.

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    Have you tried anything to alleviate the haglund's while walking? A 1/4-3/8 heel elevation can take the tension off the achilles and lessen the stress on the back of the heel. Shoes can be a challenge.

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    Stu, I'm in PT, but the results are just not coming... at least so far. But I'm trying everything, and I will have the surgery if I have to. I'm trying to avoid the surgery as my "bump" on the right foot is lateral, which most likely means removal of the achilles and reattachment, which means an almost half-a-year recovery.

    The great news is the results are coming from eating low-carb. I just want to/need to mix in exercise. I'd like nothing more than to be able to coach my sons in soccer again, and walk/jog around the neighborhood, and at least keep my weight in check that way.

    kitoi, I have, and I intend to do it again, but I have to find some shoes first that will work. I wore a size 11 1/2 until I got these bumps, and now I wear 13, if that tells you anything. Shoes are evil.

    Any aversions here to Bowflex, other than the obvious "not as good as free weights"? I have an opportunity to get one quite inexpensively.

    Thanks again very much!

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