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Thread: swimming for ssc?

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    swimming for ssc?

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    So... diagnosis is severe tendonitis through the ankle and moving toward the knee due to major inflammation (similar to carpal tunnel). Dr said that if he was to give me a cortisone shot he wouldn't even know where to start! I am sitting here with my foot alternating from an ice bath to luke warm and it sucks. Did I mention it is happening on the other ankle too? I stand most of the day in my profession and in the past have been a little too overzealous with my working out. Now... I need my slow and steady cardio for the fat burn... aside from lifting heavy things... but most of it is out the window while trying to rest my foot. I was wondering if you all had some opinions on swimming??? I could use some ideas on how to make this NOT turn into chronic cardio. Suggestions are definitely needed! Thanks!

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    You can certainly do swimming as HIIT, just be sure you don't wait until you are ready to puke to stop because you wouldn't want to drown!

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    When I did my ankle in after a fall from a horse(Doctor never told me what I'd done to it, didn't even give me crutches though it was quite obvious I couldn't walk on it!) I went on holiday about a week after and spent the majority of my time in the pool, just slowly paddling around. Best. Cure. Ever. I could run 2 weeks later when I came home!
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    If you keep it at a nice, relaxed pace, it definitely could work as an alternative for the "move slowly" part of things. You could also try water walking/jogging to switch it up.
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