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Thread: Lost 40 pounds with PB...and almost institutionalized by CW

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    Lost 40 pounds with PB...and almost institutionalized by CW

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    Hey everyone! I'm new here, but I've been stalking these forums for about a year. Thought it was about time I joined!

    I've been primal for almost a year now, and have lost over forty pounds in the process. I feel absolutely fantastic, and haven't looked back! I see this as more of a "weight correction" though, than "weight loss." Before I learned the truth about fat/carbs, especially grains (thanks to Gary Taubes and MDA!), I was a blind follower of CW, and avoided fat like the plague. Unfortunately, I made up for this with a diet that was almost ENTIRELY carbohydrate/sugar based!!

    This was basically my entire diet: copious bowls of Kashi GoLean Crunch, sweetened soy milk, "whole grain" bagels, numerous granola bars, slices of toast, jam, crackers, Yoplait yogurt, pudding, peanut butter, salad w/ sugary Asian salad dressing, Campbell's soup of all kinds, cookies, oatmeal, fruit, and (sometimes!) chicken. 300+g of carbs a day, of which about 75% came directly from wheat products. But they were yummy (thanks to the boatloads of sugar poured in), "whole grain," and "low fat," so what was the issue?

    I got by OK when I was an athlete, but unsurprisingly ballooned up to 150 pounds after quitting a sport (I'm 5'9," so I wasn't huge, but it was definitely heavier than I was comfortable with). The experience was so so frustrating- I couldn't figure out why I gaining weight in spite of always being hungry. Wasn't I eating relatively "healthy?" What was going on?

    Luckily, surfing the web led me to the Primal Blueprint, "Good Calories/Bad Calories," and switching to a low-carb primal "lifestyle" has completely changed my life- besides the weight loss, I had much more energy, was no longer ravenous all the time, and didn't have the same crazy mood swings or depression- and all while eating a great quantity of food than before!

    Unfortunately, my parents became concerned about the sudden weight loss and my new eating habits ("why aren't you eating any grains? why are you putting butter on your steak? why are you putting olive oil on everything? are you trying to kill yourself?") and took me to see a nutrition specialist who thought my "irrational fear" of grains and sugar, combined with the "dramatic weight loss" meant I was experiencing "disordered eating."

    "Oh, you're not anorexic, [NO KIDDING] but I fear you may be on the way there if you keep on cutting out food groups!"

    I'm sure you can imagine the fun of that experience. Needless to say, it took a lot of cajoling my parents to avoid the ED clinic, as well as visible proof I wasn't throwing up my food- they couldn't believe I was eating what I was eating and losing so much weight.

    I was, however, hauled to a nutritionist. This experience was particularly entertaining. The overweight dietary "expert" listened to my dietary "quirks," smirked at the mention of "paleo," and then condescendingly drew up a diet plan following the classic 60% carb/20 fat/20 protein model that "my body desperately needed". If I was going to avoid grains, she said, I should be "supplementing" my diet with from oat cakes, corn, quinoa, popcorn and potato chips. Yes, she actually suggested potato chips, nevermind the huge amount of willpower it took to resist the urge to let her know that corn was, in fact, a grain. Realizing I was getting nowhere at this point, and anxious to just get the hell out of there, I nodded and agreed and went along with everything she said for the next hour, eventually convincing her I was fully won over and reformed of my "bizarre" eating ways!

    After exiting the office, I promptly tossed the plan in the nearest dustbin I could find, although burning it would have been far more satisfying.

    A narrow escape indeed. I still can't believe I was almost institutionalized...

    If these are the people running the show, no wonder 65% of Americans are overweight.

    /rant. Anyone else have similar "concerns" from CW family members?
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    Wow! Welcome and congrats on your health. I assume you are a teenager - it must be hard to break with family over food, since it's so important to everyone.

    My little sis flipped her lid when I first told her about this stuff - she said that Atkin's heart exploded, that meat isn't digested but just rots in the stomach, a lot of veggo nonsense. When I finally saw her this summer and she saw the "new me" she hasn't said a dang word since and she has finally stopped being a vegetarian though I suspect she still takes in too much soy junk and not enough protein.

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    I would annonymously send that "nutritionist" a copy of the Primal Blueprint for the fun of it.

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    It is indeed terrifying the lengths people will go to defend CW and force others to follow it. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but glad you found a way around it

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    So you had no negative symptoms other than losing weight at a very reasonable 0.75 pounds a week, and they were ready to institutionalize you with an ED? ... wow.

    I assume they think all the doctors who approve of this way of eating are crazy or something?
    "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."

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    Ok, my folks have had their wacky moments over the years, and I usually win most "My parents are wierder / worse than your parents " debates, but you win. Hands down, you win.

    Oh no, our child is healthy, fit and trim! There must be something wrong ohnoes!

    I have to say, my parents were remarkably accepting when I told them what I was doing, and very supportive. The fact that I'm extremely overweight, and that they could see definite success since Christmas in just 8 weeks, helped. They've seen me diet and CW eat my way from a fit, strong person to where I am now over the last 20 years, and watched me struggle with so many image issues, they are supportive of pretty much anything that has me looking better and most of all, feeling better. We've come a long way.

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    If I am reading correctly, you are 5'9" and went from 150 lbs. to 110 lbs.? As a parent, I can understand why your parents were concerned - not so much about not eating grains and sugar, but that your weight seems somewhat low for someone your height.

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    My family's odd in the sense that my parents and grandparents told me "sugar is bad, eat your steak and salad", but could never resist a cookie. That cookie killed my grandmother, but she knew it would when she ate it.
    What confuses me is this: do I come from a suicidal bloodline or one with low willpower? (Or what?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanepsycho View Post
    If I am reading correctly, you are 5'9" and went from 150 lbs. to 110 lbs.? As a parent, I can understand why your parents were concerned - not so much about not eating grains and sugar, but that your weight seems somewhat low for someone your height.
    Yes, those were my thoughts as well. That's an extremely low weight for a tall young woman, and would make me concerned if one of my daughters was that thin. Granted, the healthy eating is great, but I must question what would cause such a dramatic weight loss? I'd like to know more about daily intake and averages over time, as simply eating a steak once in a while isn't really in accordance with the Primal Blueprint.

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    My wife at 5'2 weighs 105 and she is skinny.
    If your food is fast, maybe you should fast.

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