Hey PBers, I know a lot of you took up strength training after coming across the Primal lifestyle. I wrote this on my blog and thought you guys might enjoy it.

When Uncle Steve first tried to teach me calligraphy, he shared the story of a famous brush master. "Despite decades of experience," he explained, "the master would begin every day with the basic vertical stroke. He would keep making vertical strokes until he was satisfied with their quality. On some days, this may only take a few; other days, it may take hundreds before he was content with his brushwork on this seemingly simple expression."

In many ways, the strength athlete and his barbell is very much like the calligrapher and his brush. Though one lifts upwards and the other brushes downwards, they both devote themselves to finding the perfect vertical stroke. To the outsider, lifts such as the bench press may seem to be an act of the arms and chest, and calligraphy may seem to be an act of the hands. But for the strength athlete and the calligraphy master, these are all-encompassing expressions. Not only do they put their entire body into the act, but their heart and spirit as well. Finally, while there is substantial technique involved in either art, the strength athlete and the calligrapher know that to attain true mastery, they must be able to truly express their unique self. And to truly express themselves, they must truly understand themselves.

In this post, we will explore why it is the art of Barbell Strength Training, embodying the Bohemian ideals of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and above all things, Love.

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