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Thread: weight gain from endurance exercise

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    weight gain from endurance exercise

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    Sorry, my first attempt to create this post went wrong - toddler on my lab pressing a button
    I would like to discuss the link I included. The "weight gain from running" seems to be much more common then I expected. Actually I thought I might be the only one around for whom the scale goes up when she increases her mileage (and I DO know that I DO NOT increase my calorie intake). I have been studying this for years now when I am getting in racing shape (for me it is usually 4-6 pounds, for others in the link I have posted it seems to be even more) and "racing shape" means 1500m-10k, not marathon! Some of the weight is probably glycogen stores but I am not my leanest if I include a lot of endurance exercise. I am curious if this is more prominent in women? Any ideas?
    Thank you!

    Gain Weight From Running? It’s Possible | Complete Running Network

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    It is common for those engaging in chronic cardio to increase their bodyfat stores as a protective mechanism. And yes, I think this is generally more prominent in women.

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