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Thread: I need to be break the rules of Blue Print! But Just for a while... page 2

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    I have very similiar goals to you, though I need to gain weight for performance reasons.

    I get my carbs from sweet potatoes and squash. I also now include organic milk & certain milk products.

    There is no need to revert to evil foods, and I find that I react terribly to these foods now that I have cut them out.

    Progress may be slower but it's a small price to pay and you should feel much healthier whilst doing it.

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    You're eating way too many apples. One of them has 14 carbs! Eat more fat! Going off the PB "for a while" kind of misses the point of the whole lifestyle.

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    A VERY SMALL apple has 14g carbs! Those giant half-pounders you see at the grocery store these days easily exceed 30g.

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