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Thread: How many of you get sick after "cheating"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marqueemoon View Post
    Maybe, but "allergy" isn't a catch-all term for "I feel bad after eating this". It's a specific type of response. The vast majority of people are NOT allergic to wheat, or sugar, or whatever, no matter what their guru/naturopath tells them.
    What is the specific manifestation of food allergies then? I wasn't aware that there was a set list. Either way, I believe that digestive distress qualifies.

    Also, just because you don't test positive in a traditional allergy test doesn't mean you're not allergic.

    "In conventional medicine, the term ‘food allergy’ is generally used to describe food-based immune reactions that involve a particular type of antibody known as ‘immunoglobulin E’ or ‘IgE’. IgE levels in the blood can be tested for. Another way of identifying foods that present problems through this particular mechanism is to apply extracts of foods to skin which has fist been breeched through some abrasion (the so-called ‘scratch test’).

    The problem is that conventional testing take a very narrow view of food sensitivity. The reality is that the body may react to foods in ways that extend beyond the production of IgE. For instance, it is possible for the body to manifest unwanted reactions to food through the production of another form of immunoglobulin known as ‘IgG’."

    Why we need to be wary of doctors who dismiss the role of food sensitivity in health | Dr Briffa's Blog - A Good Look at Good Health

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    I believe the majority of the symptoms people feel after "cheating" are psychological. Sure, some people are physically affected, but I think a lot of people are focusing on feeling lousy because they think they did something wrong a la the placebo effect. I bet if I cooked a meatloaf with ground beef in it and wheat bread crumbs without telling them, most people wouldn't feel nearly as bad as if they knowingly ate a slice of wheat bread with the meatloaf. What's the solution?

    Never cheat. I never cheat. Yep, every time I eat something non-Primal, it's completely planned. It's not cheating if you knew you were going to eat it.

    Right now, I'm eating a 3 pound cornbread with skim milk. I knew it was coming, so I fermented the corn for 36 hours in yeast and kefir - properly prepared cornbread. Guess what? No bad feelings, no upset stomach, no insulin crashes...I actually feel great, and I'm totally okay with it. Okay, the skim milk is making me gassy, but I knew that going in. I need a carb source to drink without fructose or fat, so skim milk is my best option. Besides, it's organic, local grass-fed skim milk.
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