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Thread: beginner workout suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night-Raven View Post
    That's an awesome idea, thanks... Do you have any other "MacGyver" workout equipment ideas or know of a website where I can find them.

    Who is coach palfrey? and why milk?

    Thanks but I'm not looking to gain mass, I'm looking to gain full body strength, and lots of it, doing it the primal way...besides I already know I need to "lift heavy things" that's why I asked for workout ideas centered around dumbbells, body weight and the pull-up bar.

    I Need Ideas...
    Coach palfrey posts a lot here - read and you' ll find him :-)
    Milk - to get bigger. You can get strong without muscles, but it is easier with them. Read the Rippetoe quotes, or Mehdi

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    I can't recommend Mark Lauren's book You Are Your Own Gym too strongly. It is all bodyweight, or easy stuff around the house, like a door or a table. I got my wife to start, a heavyset 65 year old woman and she has made some amazing strides in only 12 weeks. She now has arm muscles, especially triceps that are bigger and firmer and stronger than at any other time in her life.

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