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Thread: Kansas City Sprinters, UNITE

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    Kansas City Sprinters, UNITE

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    I am hoping there are some more members on this forum from Kansas City, MO...

    There are so many people that get together to partake in jogging..*chronic cardio* and yet there seems to never be anyone that gets together for sprinting workouts.

    How many people have either said or heard something like this...
    "I'm not a long distance person, I am fast in short bursts."

    EXACTLY! So was GROK! Being that way should not detour us from working out, it gives us a head start!!! Lets get together and RUN!

    I was hoping there are some people in KC that either get together for sprints, or have ideas for places to get a good sprint workout in. I live in the River market area of Downtown and the best place I can think of to do my sprints is at riverfront park in-between the Isle of Capri Casino and the Delaware street boardwalk...

    Anyone with thoughts on this???
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    I think this is a great idea...shame I'm nowhere near.

    I generally think that long distance athletes gather in groups for the following reasons:

    1. They get bored due to the low level workload and like to have others to talk to.
    2. Wearing lycra and the other horrible fashion they endure feels better when there are lots of you wearing the same thing.
    3. In Paleolithic times, the weak and skinny had to band together for safety.

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    I'm doing here in So Johnson County. I might be interested.
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