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Thread: Coconut Cheese ?

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    Coconut Cheese ?

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    I found these instructions for making "Coconut Kefir Cheese".

    Making Young Coconut Kefir, Coconut Kefir Cheese -

    I was wondering if anyone here had tried making Coconut cheese before.

    I started reading on how some traditionnal cheeses are made to see how I could apply the method to coconut milk. I found this site:

    How To Make Homemade Cheddar Cheese Making Recipe

    The recipe uses something called Rennet tablets (not sure what farmers used in the old days before those were invented).

    I may end up using the "Cream cheese" recipe I found on Youtube which combines buttermilk with milk (substituting the milk with coconut milk). Some recipes I saw substitute buttermilk with yogurt (my guess its purpose is to introduce a bacterial culture).

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    rennet comes from the stomach lining of certain food animals. particularly sheep and cows.

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    did you try it? How did it turn out?

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