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    LOVING this lifestyle!!

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    Jan 2010 I started working to lose weight/get fit, I always focused more on my body composition than "losing weight" or trying to hit a certain number. In June I learned of this page, and although I didn't convert all the way, I started incoporating a lot of ideas and cleaning up my diet/fitness more and more. In October I hit 169, 30lbs gone. In January 2011, I totally dedicated myself to this lifestyle. Today, I hit 159.6lbs. Best of all, it is only 5lbs since January, but about 1.5" off all measurements waist thru butt/hips. I'm also crediting Batty's butter balls--I made them the first time last night--delish, AND it caused a noticable tightening over night--maybe just coincidence, but they are awesome!

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    Whats a butter ball?

    and Congrats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PoisonApple View Post
    Whats a butter ball?

    and Congrats!

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