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Thread: List your favorite stores/sources for primal foods?

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    NutsOnline is a good choice for various nuts, seeds, teas and spices. Huge selection, good prices.
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    I never knew amazon had stuff. Will have to check that out.

    Here in central Ohio, I go to TJ's and we have a chain store, Giant Eagle that is also pretty good on primal stuff. There is also a store I found online that is more like a farmers market that is independently owned and operated in Utica, OH. If I have time I may check it out this weekend.

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    I love my Mexican and Asian markets for meats other than the basic beef/chicken/pork stuff, things like goat and goose, and for parts of the animal that I am just starting to experiment with cooking. (I have a batch of beef heart biltong in process.)

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    Gelson's has an awesome selection of pates and veggies. I also scored a bunch of unsweetened coconut and full-fat Greek yogurt there. I haven't investigated the meat counter yet.

    Their prices, however, make me weep.

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    Some good sources here! I just ordere from Penzeys for first time.
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