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Thread: Any cure for tendonitis / tennis elbow?

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    Let me be more exact, sorry.

    My husband broke a toe last year - hairline in the fourth toe - could barely see it on an xray, but plenty of swelling and bruising. Our regular doc told him to stay off it and take anti-inflammatories. No surprise there. But after 3 weeks and the swelling and bruising not gone yet, we started to worry about long-term effects like arthritis. Anyway, I remembered the old man who helped my brother's twisted and swollen ankle heal and sent hubby there. After the first session, the swelling was almost gone. He felt so much better that he went twice a week for 3 weeks and continued to play our usual ping pong regimen.

    I am a skeptic by nature, but I do believe in massage and some manipulation of an injury. Western docs do not like to touch you at all. The lower-leg and foot massage that the old man did after a short needle bout was (I believe), what it took to get the blood flowing to the toes and feet, and the gunk that was in the swollen area to disperse - boosting the healing of the swollen area and toe.

    Previously for my brother's ankle - the ankle was twisted playing basketball and was horribly swollen. The emergency room doc put a cast over the swollen ankle (!!). My bro was not having this. After a couple of days of intense discomfort and itching, he cut the cast off and went to see the acupuncturist, who drained all the nasty pus and blood out (a very painful process if you can imagine), and started a bi-weekly regimen similar to my husband's - starting with 10 minutes or whatever of the needles, and ending with 20-30 minutes of massage/manipulation of the area.

    I had painful tennis elbow about 30 years ago and went to an acupuncturist (I was living in Asia), who healed me solely with the needles. Since then I have an open mind toward acupuncture, but not for everything. And I don't trust all acupuncturists either, especially those who are also chiropractors and are younger Westerners. Sorry but I am prejudiced against them, LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HillsideGina View Post
    = And I don't trust all acupuncturists either, especially those who are also chiropractors and are younger Westerners. Sorry but I am prejudiced against them, LOL.
    No need to be sorry, you've every right to be prejudiced.
    It may be well intentioned in most cases - but it's quackery of the highest order.

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    I had really bad tendinitis for over a year. I got a cortisone injection because I was in the middle of my paddling season. I thought that would make it go away.(I had no clue) I had been doing accupuncture but it wasnt working. The dumb Dr. told me I would be fine to race after my shot. I had to do 2 state championship races back to back and I was in so much pain I was throwing up after. I thought maybe it was because I hadnt given the shot enough time to work. So a few weeks later I did a 42 mile race with that elbow. My tendinitis was so bad you could see my tendins in my elbow. Later I found out that NO I shouldnt of been racing. The shot makes the inflamation go away so it can heal. I should've waited 6 weeks before I did any activity according to a Dr. client of mine. My tendinitis finally went away when I stopped all activity that involved my elbow and started eating meat. I must add I was a vegetarian when I got the tendinitis and started eating meat again in hopes of it going away. I was in pain everyday. Nothing helped. They say to take Ibuprofen to reduce swelling, hot and cold compresses and massage it. I did all of the above but ultimately it was my diet and not using my arm till it was better that worked. When I started primal all traces of the pain went away. I'm so happy it's gone!

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    The standard treatment for tendonitis is heavy eccentric exercise. Since we're talking arms, heavy is relative, probably 5 - 30 pounds, depending. Use your other arm to lift the weight, only do the negatives. Sets of 10, be tired by 10.


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    Thanks so much. Lot of useful experience here - unfortunately. And as usual, no silver bullet (a silver needle though, maybe :-) )

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    I'm a big fan of stretching for tendontits no matter where it is in the body.
    Wrist stretches

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    Had bad tendonitis in my elbows. Two things that fixed it for me; Active Release Therapy (ART) and these exercises in this video:

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    Deep tissue massage, trigger pointing and take a look at why it is happening in the first place (maybe some biomechanical issues with technique?). Also, tennis elbow can cover a whole range of potential issues - do you have any more specific info? If it just mild tendonitis or tightness through the Brachialis (the muscle that runs across your elbow joint) then stretching and deep tissue work will cure this very quickly.

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    had the same issue for about 6 months - tried strengthening the forearm flexors - rice bucket - reversing only my left hand (the forearm that hurt) on deads - deep tissues massage with a tennis ball (this still feels pretty good) they helped but it just seemed to move the pain from the entire back of my forearm to the elbow, which was better than the whole arm but still not good. Then I seen a vid on using bands to put the arm in traction from the shoulder to the wrist - the pain was better after 5 minutes and pretty much gone after a month - still do it by putting a short band on my power racks j hook and pull away after every deadlift/back/pull up training session

    this vid is for tennis players but its for the same pain:
    Has Your Elbow Ever Hurt? Part 2 | Jeff Salzenstein Tennis - Winning Tennis Strategies

    This is where I first heard of it but its geared for Power Lifters dealing with bench press shoulder pain, exact same exercise though and if you dead I imagine you bench:
    Edit: they just reposted a link to this vid today at elitefts as a cure for forearm tendinitis - talk about timing - weird..
    YouTube - Introduction and Band

    They use long bands in the vids - short ones are cheaper and if you get 2 you can use them for dynamic tension in the deadlift
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    Mark, Thanks for posting the link to my shoulder traction video. This exercise is absolutely magic for shoulder and elbow injury prevention, rehab and sports performance.

    All the best,
    Jeff Salzenstein
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