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Thread: Lemon and Lavender?

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    Lemon and Lavender?

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    I have a lemon, and I am in a springy kind of mood. I feel like making a lemon-lavender pound cake with a lemon glaze. Since that's pretty high in sugar and grains, I thought I'd submit these two flavors for suggestions. What can I do to make a lemon/lavender flavored something with a light sweetness to it?


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    Whip egg white to stiff peaks. Fold in lemon zest and lavendar. Bake like meringues. Top with poppy seeds if desired.
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    Someone posted a primal shortbread recipe on here not long ago. Lemon and lavender in that would be splendid, I'd think.

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    almond meal, EVOO, an egg, lemon, lavender. Baked into round biscuits (aka cookies). Mmmmm.

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    You could add lavender to this: Healthy Indulgences: pound cake

    Or make a homemade salt scrub...not edible but it sounds good to me!
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    I like the meringue idea. I was kind of thinking along those lines... but that pound cake is so tempting!!

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