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Thread: Primal and reflux?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Scarlet View Post
    From the couple of books I've read on Acid Reflux, the main cause of reflux is not TOO MUCH acid but TOO LITTLE. Apparentely, 9 out of 10 cases of reflux is down to low acid production.

    I started taking a over the counter tablet called Betaine Hydrochloride which puts acid into your stomach. I take one before my main meal in the evening and never get reflux anymore. However, since going primal a few weeks ago, I've started to cut them out and not noticed any reflux. I had a big Angus steak the other night and would normally suffer without my Betaine Hydrochloride, but felt no ill effects without taking the tablet.

    I haven't had any reflux related issues since quitting grains, sugars and processed crap. I personally think that had the most to do with why I dont get reflux anymore. You have a good point with the low acid thing, but I have been on acid inhibitors twice prior from two ulcers (or the same one re-opened)I developed from the advil and other Ibuprofens I used to take daily. So, I know I was making more than adequate stomach acid. I cut out the stuff above and was able to get rid of all the reflux.
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    Once I cut out soda my heartburn subsided for a week or two, then came back. I figured it might be tied to caffeine, so I stopped all coffee intake and only have tea a few times a month. Zero heartburn since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nachobrawler View Post
    I cut out the stuff above and was able to get rid of all the reflux.
    Good for you.

    Just goes to show that just because people have the same symptoms doesn't mean they have the same problem.

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    If it would be gallstone, it would be something serious and should be taken cared of right away. There's a new concept today that doesn't include removing your gall bladder in surgery, just the gallstone itself.

    Check this step by step experience and see for yourself.

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    Hi, I hope your journey heals you however my gall bladder was not good and appropriate treatment ( surgery unfortunately) solved all. No Alcohol also helps. May you become well soon

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