I realize that most folks don't feel comfortable with frank discussions about their bowel habits, but I have a couple questions about "Paleo Pooping". I have been very diligent about a strict Paleo Diet, and consume plenty of vegetables, meats, nuts, and fluids. I've not been cheating, and have cut out nearly all dairy, with the exception of 2 tbsp of organic milk in my AM coffee. I do not have any chronic dietary intolerance's, and am in excellent overall health. I take supplemental flax seed oil, multivitamin, and probiotic, and I exercise daily. I have lost 12 lbs since I began my "Paleo" adventure on January 23rd, but the one problem I'm encountering is in my gut.

1) Should a "new Paleo person" expect their bowel movement consistency, frequency, and amount to be altered when their gut is adapting to absence of grain, wheat, and fiber associated with processed carbs such as bread, rice, crackers, etc.?

2) I've been adhering to a strict Paleo diet since January 23, 2011, and my bowels have not adapted well to the dietary change. I have severe abdominal cramping, and small soft movements. Is this normal for a "Paleo Poop"?

I could use some reassurance that this transitional "poop problem" is normal. I am a Registered Nurse, and don't really think I've picked up a "gut bug", so I'm asking....Is this normal?

Thank you in advance for a little "poopy" advice,