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Thread: help! a logo for our barefoot DRESS shoe =D

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    Apr 2010

    help! a logo for our barefoot DRESS shoe =D

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    Barefoot bretheren!

    I've been developing a barefoot dress shoe since last May. At the
    moment, we have a first prototype, a design, and a prospective launch
    later this year! I'm holding a design contest here
    Help the Primal Professional with a new Logo Design | 99designs
    and was wondering if you could leave some comments, telling me which
    ones you like, don't like, and why? And if you or anybody you know has
    mad skillz, feel free to submit a design!

    1. The main point to convey is a meeting of highly-divergent
    environments: our wild ancestral natural world and our sleek modern
    conference room.

    2. We are going to take an edgy approach to our marketing. Similar to
    Tough Mudder Season Pass (2011) | Tough Mudder "not
    your average lame-ass mudrun" attitude. Most people who buy our shoe
    will be those who already go barefoot and "get it." I want to appeal
    to YOU, rather than trying to convince casual passersby that
    barefooting's good for them.

    3. This logo will be molded or stamped somewhere on the shoe, so the
    SIMPLER the better.

    Also, if you're interested in getting e-mail updates (NO SPAM I
    PROMISE!), sign up here!

    I look forward to your feedback and giving you the barefoot shoe
    you've been waiting for. Thanks everyone!

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    # 3 is a pretty sweet logo - it's not too big and would look good stamped into the sole somewhere

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    Nov 2010
    The one with the spear in the shoe brings to mind thoughts of a spear going through my foot.... not a pleasant thought... lol

    I dig #8 and #9, they capture the essence of the dichotomy of you are going for IMO.

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    #31 would look rather phallic the other way up, and since if the logo is on the sole it could easily be viewed from any angle, you might want to be aware of that!

    I agree with jspradely...all the ones with a spear through the shoe look painful.

    I like #3

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    I agree with both comments about the spear through the shoe and the phallic look of #31. (It is either phallic or it looks like kitchen shears...either way I didnt get the tie aspect in small form) I like the simplicity of the spear and the shoe but maybe if they were not intersecting it would work better.

    I think all the ones with ties might not be a good logo if you ever intend a women's line.
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    Jan 2011
    I vote 8 since it encompasses both ideas.
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    Denis Waitley

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    "Primal Professional" just doesn't say shoe to me no matter what the logo. It sounds like a professional or social networking group.
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    Wow, best forum feedback so far! Knew I could count on PBers.

    #3 is a personal fave too =] The footprint is kind of gnarly and reminds me of the famous Laetoli footprints.

    #8 looked like a telephone and an exclamation point to me, but I'll give it extra weight since you guys like it.


    The spear through the shoe is like a head on a stake...Kind of saying "rawr we're primal barefoot beasts, and we kill regular wussy shoes."

    Thanks for all the input so far!

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    I like #8; easy to tell what it is even with my weak eyes.

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