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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (BikerPike)

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    Hello my friend. Nice to see you here. Glad you started a journal. I've never done it but maybe I should. We have a couple of other BTers on here..Haley and Pseudoyams come to mind off the top of my head.

    I am so excited for you and all the changes you are making. I hope they work out for you and improve the quality of your life like they have for me!


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    First 2 weeks eating Primal my weight dropped about 7.5 pounds then it went up slightly. I thought it was just a oddity but hasn't gone back down. Last week I didn't track calories as it is part of the appeal to Primal lifestyle but ate to much dark chocolate. Back at using CalorieKing and trying to integrate IFs couple times a week as well to eat slightly fewer carbs.

    Need to continue to listen to my body to eat only when hungry instead of when it seems like I should or for other reasons.

    Yesterday went well...

    1970 calories

    Fat 60%

    carbs 18%

    protein 22%

    WOD: walk 75' am

    Did first P90X workout core synergistics....amazing how being so fit and in good shape for Ironman triathlon 6.5 weeks ago doesn't means much fitness wise for these type of workouts. I'm excited to make some progress.

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    Ah heck Pike! P90X from what I have heard is like Crossfit, very intense! Your gonna love it!

    and wow 7.5!! thats awesome! I replied to your message on my journal and thought I would come see whatcha doin!

    I thought I was pretty fit too and had strong calfs till tuesdays workout....lotsa walking lounges! Gotta love it! I am starting to really be mindful of the dietry ratios. I increased my oils by taking Coconut Oil supplements with each meal and it is getting my fats closer to suggested.

    See ya roun!

    Primal Since 10/2009

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    I didn't enter daily...

    Weekly averages:

    calories: 2157

    fat: 147, 61%

    carb: 89, 17%

    protein: 122, 22%

    Exercise for week:

    Walk: 5 hours

    Bike: 3 hours 18 minutes

    run: 94 minutes

    P90X: 1 hour 35 minutes

    Yoga: 30 minutes

    I worked on playing more with my kids and having fun in nature...kicking the leaves on the side of the road when walking, doing cartwheels with my youngest daughter at her big sisters soccer games, riding road bikes with my 2 oldest daughters one who just got a new to her bike, and enjoying being outside in nature...beautiful fall leaves turning red and orange.

    What I learned this week:

    +If I eat more fat I'm less hungry

    +I often want to eat when I'm not hungry

    +I'm loving Primal way of cooking and cooking more than I have which makes me eat probably more than I should/want to

    Weight dropped 7 pounds when I first started then last week went up about 3-4 and hasnt' come down again. Not sure why...I'm guessing after training most weeks 15 hours doing only 10 with a lot of it walking or low intensity takes some adapting for my body so I need to eat less.

    Still trying to figure out excercise fitting me and the Primal way. I do plan on signing up for another Ironman in 2 weeks (you need to sign up a year ahead and it fills in less than 5 hours).

    Yummy stuff I tried:

    Meatball recipe from post yesterday..all my kids liked it

    Chili not so great w/o beans..sort of tomato and meat

    Coconut pancakes-yum

    Tweaked a family receipe with stuffed chicken thighs-very tasty

    Meatza again with different toppings

    I have long list of stuff I want to try still.

    When I did Atkins,South Beach and other low carb diets in '03/04 and lost a lot of weight I didn't see how I could keep doing it for a lifetime. Primal is so much more agreeable and tastes so much better..I like it, my husband started two weeks ago and loves the food too. Kids are eating more of it and that makes it easier. Still trying to figure out how to eat when I do longer bike rides and races. Racing cyclocross again 10/31

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    Today went well but ate to much at dinner as I was cooking for me and then the kids...

    WOD: 1:20 easy bike ride, 30' walk post dinner, P90X abs

    B: bacon, Canadian bacon, 2 fried eggs

    S: small banana w/cashew butter

    l: left over small meatza

    S: Greek yogurt w/strawberries, roast beef w/cream cheese, almonds

    D: grass fed sirloin, zucchini garlic fritters,, tomatoes, and some innards of kids pork dumplings, chocolate zucchini muffin

    Cal: 2034

    F: 130 grams

    P: 148 grams

    C: 78 grams

    Thinking of doing IFs to skip breakfast. Today I tried but wanted to eat. Tonight I finished eating for day earlier so more time if I wait until later in the morning.

    My issues is eating for other reasons than hunger and if I can get it under control I'm guessing I'll be taking in fewer calories.

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    Your doing great Pike. I am sure whatever has you emotionally eating will pass. Just keep doing what you are doing, it will get better

    So how was the grass fed beef, really good huh? I am going to the Fresh Market tomorrow but it is so expensive, my hubby would seriously shoot me if I spent a bunch of doe in there. lOL

    Primal Since 10/2009

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    Kathy, IF is a great way to get your calorie count lower while also doing something wonderful for your body. Keep trying...just try to go 14-18 hours from your last meal at night till your first meal the next day. This is a double whammy for me because it elimiates night-time snacking as I stop eating by 7pm, and also eliminates the calories from breakfast. I can then really enjoy all the food I eat from lunch to dinner as it is really hard to overeat with only two meals.

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    Monday 10/27

    IFed until after noon so about 17 & 1/2 hours

    Did my WOD while IFing: ran 40', walked 40' including some before and after run,ended with doing sprints...per my Garmin was running 7:15-7:25 m/m pace while fast feels so good. Yoga after move slowly and sprinting workout

    L: 2 eggs, bacon, banana w/cashew butter, chocolate zucchini muffin, zucchini fritter

    S: zucchini muffin, small dark chocolate square

    D: 2 eggs, bacon, 1 left over meatball, small dark chocolate square

    cal: 1586

    fat: 114 grams

    protein: 81 grams

    carbs: 67 grams

    It was interesting to see how I felt different while IFing..started grumbly tummy but no hunger..had to fight urge to eat out of habit..once I went out to run/walk I felt good and okay w/o eating. Ifing I think will help with keeping calories lower.

    Tomorrow going to my first Crossfit class to try it out.

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    Wed 10/28

    B: eggs, bacon

    S: pistachios

    L: Chinese dumplings w/o skins, cottage cheese, coconut bread

    S: dark chcolate

    D: More Chinese dumplings steamed w/o skins, chocolate zucchini muffin, broiled kale w/olive oil & salt


    P: 105 grams

    F: 133 grams

    C: 48 grams

    Scale is saying 20.1% body fat most days


    First Crossfit class checking it out...okay this incredibly arms are so tired that shaky I can barely lift them type of feeling..this was a heavy emphasis on upper body stuff which is my weakness.


    50 squats

    40 jumping jacks

    30 sit ups

    20 push ups

    10 side planks


    Gymnast stuff

    V sits

    Ring dips

    V push ups jump through to dips

    ring flips backwards

    21 KB swings #20

    12 push ups

    9 pull ups

    400 meter run-outside

    x4, 21:50 total: 5:02, 5:34, 5:48, 5:29

    This was so difficult as my arms were shaking and had had that spent feeling after one time through.

    Pull ups we could either jump up or use a band with one knee in it so I sort of combined them..jumped up and tried to lower slowly

    I have lot of room to improve with strength training. I will be wicked sore today and tomorrow I know. It was fun and I pushed myself more than I would on my own. I will try another Crossfit place in Providence.

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    OMG Pike.....ya thinks ya may have over did it? Dang did the trainer know you had never done this before? He sould not have put you through so much in one class. that was on hell of a flippin workout! I hope he didn't scare you away...

    You will get stronger with crossfit and when you do you will love how you feel. I just wen tout and ppicked up the recycle can to put it out to the street and it felt feather light, three months ago It would have been extremely heavy so I can feel a difference at home in my everyday life. Oh and my back is so much stronger and doesn't hurt anymore.

    Hope the pain doesn't last too long

    Primal Since 10/2009

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