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    I travel alot for business so I have to stay at hotels frequently. So, I check in yesterday and they tell me to visit their happy hour from 5 - 7. I am thinking cool, some appies and an adult beverage. I cruise to the happy hour and to my horror, all the food they have is chips and salsa, snack mix(no nuts) and pretzels. Not one veggie or primal food to be found. I get a glass red wine and sit down to watch the carnage. Plates piled to overflowing capacity with the above mentioned foods washed down with 3 - 4 16z beers. Finished my wine, went back to my room and did a half hour hour of bodyweight excercises. Umm, can't understand why we have the highest obesity rate of any developed country.

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    Following this way of life really does open your eyes to the everyday, under-the-radar horrors, no?

    I really enjoyed an earlier thread that likened being in the grocery store to The Matrix. Now that you've taken the red pill you'll never see the world the same again. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

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    Did they have a free breakfast? How about those hotels that have a free breakfast that is nothing but grains and skim milk. We got lucky on a recent ski trip and stay a Super 8 that had a Primal breakfast. In addition to the grain feast, they had eggs, bacon, and sausage/egg burrito (we opened it up and scraped out the good stuff). do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

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    Dangit, now I want french fries covered in chili and bacon That was totally my favorite bar food.

    What DO you guys order in a bar now? I'm cool with drinking wine (or hard cider when I'm not concerned with carbs), but now I'm trying to think of good bar foods...
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    wings? (depending on how sauced they are, heh)

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    We went out to dinner last night. I ordered steak fahita's. and the toppings. no tortillas.
    Getting ready for business trip in 2 weeks. so I'll let you know how it goes
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    I went to a bar the other night and got a meatball sub, without the bread. The waitress thought I was crazy, but I got large chunks of meaty goodness in a pretty tasty marinara sauce.

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    I lived in the Netherlands for 10 years and did quite a bit of traveling in Europe. I've been back for about 6 months but I don't think I'll ever stop being aghast at not only the type but amount of food that so many people think is "normal". I was discussing this with my boyfriend the other day, how food and dining is experienced in completely different ways. You can easily spend hours in a restaurant there, eat many courses of wonderful food and still consume 1/5th the amount as so many Americans inhale in 30 minutes. It's rather obscene.

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    So often, the freebies at hotels are the cheap stuff - meaning cheap chips, pretzels, carby stuff for a continental breakfast. The stuff us PB-ers would want would blow the budget, unfortunately. Sometimes if I can get an upgrade to a concierge floor when I'm traveling, the happy hour will have some kind of protein thing and the breakfast might have some hardboiled eggs at least. But it's rare. The stuff they have in the lobby for the general population is garbage.

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    Bar food- mixed nuts, wings, another Guinness...
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