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    Thoughts on Height

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    I was wondering what everyone thought about height increase after 20. I know it's possible and that some people have done it, but it is definitely not likely.

    What do you think one would have to do to achieve this. I', currently building, doing yoga, and trying to eat as much meat/veggies as possible.

    Anyone have ideas? Thanks!

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    If you want to still grow, try milk. Growth factors may work.

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    I think there's a lot to be said for "increased height" being down to better posture and decompression of the spine. That might get you half an inch??
    Otherwise, pass.

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    You don't need more height! You're perfect the way you are. Trust me.

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    Jump more. When I was young my friends and I would sometimes measure our height, then spend 30 seconds jumping around then measure again and we all would "gain" about an inch or two. Make jumping part of your life, it's probably got something to do with the decompressing of the spine thing somebody said before. Eventually that inch would go away but with constant/daily jumping there might be something to it. Hanging might also do it. Practicing handstands also helps with decompressing the spine (and building upper body musculature/strength)

    I've always been really short but hit a decent growth spurt and now I'm average height for my race, I'm okay with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grokka View Post
    If you want to still grow, try milk. Growth factors may work.

    I am convinced this is how I am 6'3" with parents who are both average height. I drank a ton of milk during my teens.
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    You could go to China for their leg-lengthening surgery. Height is a BIG deal over there. Folks with the time and money have their legs broken and put ia traction devices. As the break heals, they lengthen the splint. You can gain an inch or two this way.


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    if I can find a way to grow about 4' ....... I would no longer need to think about losing weight!

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    My fiance went from 6'2" to 6'6" between age 18 and 22, I think. This was definitely in his genetics, but he also didn't limit any of the food he ate because he was pretty active at the time. If you still have growth left in you, just focus on eating plenty and being active, and you'll reach your potential. I think our family doctor told us that men usually aren't done growing until they are 22 or 23, so you may still have some growth in height coming.
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    Apple is rght. Men will continue to grow abit up to age 22-24.
    eat well. be healthy.
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