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Thread: raising happy chickens

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    How's it going with the chickens? I have 75 babies out in my woodshed right now, kept in with chicken wire and cardboard boxes around the bottom to keep out drafts. They are feathering in nicely. 50 are free-range meat birds, from this hatchery: Home - Freedom Ranger Hatchery

    I love them cause they're not Frankenbirds like the Cornish Rocks, but still put on good meat.

    We are getting ready to build chicken tractors for them and will move them daily so they will grow on plenty of grass and bugs.

    25 are layers; some cockerels. We'll keep the mellow ones and the nasty roosters will become either capons or chicken stock. Homemade pastured chicken stock is SO GOOD; have I mentioned that? It is practically solid out of the fridge because of all the gelatin. We use the feet and organs (not the liver) in it too. Chicken feet make the best stock!

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    They're chickens. They eat corn. That's just what chickens do.

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    LOL, that last post made me go back and read the OP.

    The dark orange yolks are from pasturing. The more grass, bugs and worms they eat, the tastier and darker the egg yolks (and healthier, it's been shown via lab tests that pastured chickens produce eggs with more omega-3s and various vitamins, including more D, than factory-farmed hens or hens raised in a coop with no access to pasture).

    Mine eat corn, it's not a problem. This is the feed I use. I wish I could use organic but simply can't afford it right now. (We have done it in the past.)

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