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Thread: good primal travel food?

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    You can make your own Jerkey in your oven or even better if you have a dehydrator. I've done it with regular and ground beef, it was tasty, and not a crazy amount of effort.

    Also along the same lines- Kale chips. Super easy to make in the oven and travel well.

    When I travel for work, I usually fast through breakfast and lunch and then go out for dinner and get a steak. But I'm not usually gone all that long, and work pays haha.

    If you are brining a cooler, I agree hard boiled eggs are a great idea- and you can make a ton of them in advance very easily. I'm also probably in the minority here but I'm into eating cold (cooked) meats. I would totally bring cooked chicken breasts and steaks in ziplock bags or tupperware and eat them. Or cold cooked ground beef with guacamole.

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    A lot of stores sell fresh steamable produce in bags, like broccoli that is already cut and you just put the bag in the microwave for 3-4 min.
    I don't know if you do dairy, but my go to cook-in-hotel-room meal used to be cottage cheese on top of a baked sweet potato with a big side of steamed broccoli or other veggie, topped with butter or coconut oil.

    To cook any potato in the microwave, wash, stab a few times with something sharp, microwave for 5-7 min small potato, 6-8 medium/large potato.

    Also, the flavored tuna right out of the pack is delicious, but read the label. I almost bought the spicy thai flavor and then noticed it had soy and wheat!! wtf!
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    Lots of great suggestions! A bit of a warning on the jerky thing: many of them marinate in soy sauce which is not gluten-free. It obviously contains soy, too, but some feel that it's not so bad being fermented.

    If you have a mini-fridge, you can precook meals and put them in serving size containers. If you're concerned about the time between your home and the fridge, freeze them and put them in a cooler. Get some salad stuff, and all's good.

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    Lots of good suggestions. I usually use cold meat cuts and mixed salads along with dried haddock and butter.

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