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Thread: What was so incendiary about my post on the blog about protein intake? page

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    What was so incendiary about my post on the blog about protein intake?

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    I posted the below on the blog about protein intake but it's not up there. Are we not allowed to question anything? Have I committed Primal Heresy by asking a question on a matter I'm concerned about?

    Here's what I wrote:

    Iím eating Primal but Iím still worried. The link below does suggest more meat means more osteoporosis


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    how long ago did you post it? Sometimes it takes a while for it to show up. Sometimes mine don't show up until the next day.

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    I'm going to make a suggestion that perhaps there was just a technical difficulty while posting?

    There are always all kinds of comments, some completely inflammatory, trolls, etc on the blog and for the most part I've rarely seen any removed. Just my perspective, but you might want to not jump to the conclusion that your comment was not allowed, or removed-- and think perhaps it was just a technical issue?

    I hope you don't take this as any kind of attack, I honestly don't mean it that way at all. Just trying to give some alternate ideas as to what may have happened. It's kind of like when you text someone and they don't text back and it turns out they didn't get it (which happened to me last week with my husband, BTW, so not uncommon as much as we'd like to think technology is perfect!)
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    Sometimes they fall in a black hole...nothing personal.

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    this is the most lightly moderated forum I've ever been on. probably no grand conspiracy to keep your question out of circulation. tech error, user error or some other glitch.
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    It might be that you're new to the forum and your post contains a link. I am fairly sure that links are moderated for new posters.

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    I've seen much worse than that...probably a glitch

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    Health Correlator: Does protein leach calcium from the bones? Yes, but only if it is plant protein

    may make you feel better... i have osteoporosis too and i cant tell you how much more mobile i am than i was last year, the change is remarkable

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    did you post on mark's BLOG or on the forums here? because i think mark moderates comments on his blog.

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    Links need to be approved, I'm almost certain. Keep checking, it will probably show up. The comments are not moderated much at all on the blog (I've seen flaming and defamation of Mark, *to* Mark, in the comments--and they are not moderated.) I'm sure that's all it is. Repost if you feel it was lost.
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