Hello Everyone
I'm new to the Forum, and relatively new to the Primal Blueprint way of living. I've always been a healthy eater-relying more on protein than carbs, and a frequent exerciser-always looking to try something new. The hardest part about living the Primal Blueprint way of life for me has been the idea of cutting back on exercise...I have SO much more energy, and if you're like me, Exercise is my therapy-I LOVE it! So the idea of taking days off just doesn't appeal to me. I love pushing my boundaries, and am always willing to take a day or two off here and there if my body tells me it needs it, but at 25-years old, I just want to move!
This being said, I also don't want to damage my body or overwork it, so what are your thoughts on the matter? I feel that if I have the energy and WANT to exercise, I should..even if it's just a few sprints outside for the day....other than that, I love this way of living, it's brought so much clarity to me, and my body has never felt better, stronger, HEALTHIER! I'm so greatful to have found out about this at such a young age, and plan to continue to follow and preach the Primal Blueprint for the rest of my very long life