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    Quote Originally Posted by IcarianVX View Post
    I have a tread desk where I walk between 5 and 10 miles per day while working. Hasn't hurt me yet and I am 40.
    a tread desk? that sounds super cool!!! gonna google it.

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    yes, you can overtrain, easily. I personally however find Mark's routine a bit light as well, and I am generally doing more (...but I am also getting slightly injured from time to time...). As the previous posters say - do it how you feel it. I would personally think the ideal regime is somewhere between Primal Blueprint and CrossFit....

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    I think too much of exercise is not good. There is a limit. Should exercise for an hour or may be two but not more than that

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    It depends on an individual's goals.

    Is it just to be healthy enough to not die? Very little exercise is needed.
    Is it to physically THRIVE -- play sports, do physical challenges and hobbies? Primal Blueprint is about right.
    Is it to push yourself to reach your full physical potential? You will need more.
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