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Thread: How much iced tea is too much?

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    How much iced tea is too much?

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    I drink tons (probably 5-6 restaurant glasses a day) of iced tea. It's unsweetened, but should I be worried about the caffiene content? What type of tea is standard iced tea anyway? Thanks

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    Generally, it's a cheap black tea. I've never found there to be such a thing as too much (iced or not) tea. If it's affecting your sleep, cut back. Otherwise, you're fine.
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    I agree with naidknight that it's an individual thing but I would also encourage you to get a good quality organic tea if you're not already. My understanding is that green, white and oolong teas also possess so beneficial polyphenols that the black tea has lost.

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    Good question. I've taken to drinking Iced Tea in the a.m. and occasionally during the day when I'm out since I gave up soda. I was just thinking I might want to make my own not only because it would be cheaper, but also so that I can get some healthier teas that have more to offer.

    So any suggestions from the tea drinkers on delicious tea choices that make good iced tea?

    And recommendations on how many "regular" tea bags would make a good iced tea?

    I am thinking of taking my leftover chai tea and making chai iced for tomorrow... yum!
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