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Thread: Women that struggle

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    Women that struggle

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    I haven't been long into this WOE, but I've notice while reading the forum that some women seem to have a harder time with the weight loss. I thought I might share some of the suggestions I gleaned from reading the book by Drs Eades on getting rid of the visceral fat carried in our abdominal cavity and in our organs, (especially the liver).

    Short version;

    To help get the fat out of our liver so it can do it's job effectively, they recommended cut out all caffeine, alcohol, and unnecessary medication for two weeks to allow the liver to recover.

    Add 8 to 12 grams of Leucine (BCAA) a day to boost loss of middle-body fat and keep lean muscle.

    Watch out for fructose. (I read a lot of posts w/ women eating large quantities of fruit while trying to lose weight.)

    No dairy. They didn't really understand why but noticed that weight loss stalls for women that consume cheese and cream while trying to lose weight. (Same for nut butters.)

    Limit overall calories and the carbs from veggies.

    I'm not saying these are "must do" for this way of eating, I am just suggesting that some of these things might help if you are interested in dropping the fat quickly.


    {from The 6 Week cure for the Middle-Aged Middle; Drs Mary Dan and Michael R. Eades}

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    Thank you. We get a lot of dramatic 'OMG I can't lose weight' posts on here, and it's usually due to one of the things that you mentioned.

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    hmm.... i would start with

    *fix your digestion
    *learn true hunger
    *feed true hunger accordingly

    if that doesnt work, then tweak...but not everyone has bad consequences from dairy(me) and not everyone has bad reactions to fructose(believe it or not some peoples liver have the ability to clear excess glucose from the blood stream and use it accordingly). also, women are much different from men... starch works hormonally better for women without PCOS(when due to being overweight***) to stabilize levels. one more thing, supplementing ONE amino acid, especially one like leucine, is going to whack out the rest and cause 'competition' in the BBB

    not trying to argue against your reccomendations, just throw my opinion in there

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    Thanks, I should probably get that book. It was reading the Dr. Eades' blog that led me to this site. I kept paging back and eventually read just about his entire blog. Excellent info. Unfortunately he's a very sporadic poster.

    The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

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    I think that's a good list for a start. And I think it's good to have a list of things that could "possibly" be an issue or "possibly" help because I do think as women our systems can have more little things going wrong with them and we need more trial and error.

    For me, eliminating dairy and alcohol completely were the top two things that helped me bump off of a plateau.

    And, healing up my endocrine issues (adrenal and thyroid) and getting the hormones rebalanced. Thyroid meds for the thyroid (and eliminating gluten!!) and just eating well for a long period of time to let the body heal.

    I am keeping an open mind though because once I've gotten more to where I want to stay and maintain, there will be some more experimenting to see what works fine and what my body just doesn't want to handle (dairy will be tested, as I do love it and am hoping that I can add back in moderately once I've lost the fat i want.)
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    I eat dairy daily and I've lost. I do not eat fruit. I don't like it, don't want it. I may try the leucine however to help with the fat loss. I only eat 20-30g of carbs a day so that isn't all bad.

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    I must be some sort of woman anomaly (womanomaly?) because I'd way rather have a soft belly than a life without wine.

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    Some really good responses! Let me clarify my position. I totally agree that not *all* of these things will cause *all* women to stall. Everyone has to eventually work out what is best for their own system.

    I'm also not talking about giving up dairy or fruit, caffeine and especially wine forever. God forbid! My suggestions are aimed at the women that need to work on weight loss and are having a hard time or are stalled out. I'm here because I first need to lose weight, maybe a lot of others are too.

    It can be really hard when you read all the posts about "80/20" and so much rapid weight loss when you feel you are doing everything these other people are (mostly men and women that don't have weight issues) and nothing is working for you.

    My plan is to incorporate all these things and add them back in or drop them and see if the weight continues to come off. There is not one right way for everyone. But I do know this, eating my old way was certainly not working and eating this way seems to be. If something is not working you need to make a change somewhere!

    For what that's worth...

    @aktres, The book was pretty good, but the blog and forum / not so much.
    @ErinC, I am with you.

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    I appreciate the tips. I've slowed in my weight loss, but that's due to too many cheats. I'm trying some other stuff first, but if that doesn't work, I'll refer back to your OP. I really feel like a normal body is within my reach!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aktres View Post
    Thanks, I should probably get that book. It was reading the Dr. Eades' blog that led me to this site. I kept paging back and eventually read just about his entire blog. Excellent info. Unfortunately he's a very sporadic poster.

    The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.
    His book Protein Power is worth reading.

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