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Thread: (failed) pull ups and forearm pain

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    I was in the same boat. Couldn't do any pullups in January. I installed a pullup bar in my house and put one in the door of my office. Just started doing them all the time, and when I'm out of gas I hang there. I've worked up to 4 pullups (from locked elbows... I could probably cheat more).

    I agree that the Gravitron machine is useless. For me it was mostly weight loss plus practice.

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    Similar boat, including tendinitis and wrist problems, but overcame them. Here's how my pull up progression went:

    Month 1: First attempt, jumped up, grabbed the bar and like you immediately strained a wrist muscle, tendinitis, horrible weakness and pain. Couldn't type. Took the next 30 days off and just did light cardio and slowly started eating better.
    Month 2: Tried to pull-ups again. Used Gravitron back-to-back with pull-up bar at gym intermittently. At the pull-up bar, I had someone boost me up. It was embarrassing. One day, 15 days into this month, I had a really bad day at work and was really angry. I went to the gym, took off my workout gloves, and had this surge of adrenaline and did my first unassisted pull-up. I also used the gravitron to do unassisted tricep dips.
    Month 3: Got up to 3 pull-ups by the end of the month.
    Month 4: Got up to 6 pull-ups.
    Month 5-7: Still at 6.
    Month 8: I started doing "intervals" of pull-ups, i.e. 3 pull-ups followed by a break and 3 more until complete muscle failure.
    Month 9: 10 pull-ups.
    Month 10: 14 pull-ups!
    Month 11: Commando pull-ups, 1 barbarian pull-up, and pull-ups where I swap grips in the middle of the pull-up. Varied grip spacing. On good days, 6 sets of 10 pull-ups, on bad days, 3 sets. Perfectly still and straight body, zero upward momentum on pull-up motion.

    The hardest part of the mental barrier of getting to that first pull-up. It took 2 months of continual trying to get to 1 pullup, another 2 months to get to 3 pull-ups, and after that it was easy. Initially, after month three, I had really bad form, but I backed off and started working on form for a bit with a trainer until it was perfect in the mirror. Holding my body rod-still really helped my physique. Then, it got easier and easier.

    Along the way, I lost more than 90lbs, 13" off of my waist (30"), got a six-pack, and got into the single-digit % fat area. I can't tell you whether it was causation or just correlation. It just all happened!

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    A related document I put up on scribd
    2011-03 Addressing Tendonitis (Thor Falk)

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