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    I decided to see if I can commit to diet and exercise starting tomorrow (October 12th). I'm a 25 years old Brazilian college student and I got Mark's book when it came out. I've been struggling with my diet for a while - sometimes I still eat rice, bread etc. and I also rarely exercise. I do IF some days (about 16h fast)...

    Right now I'm over 130Kg and it sucks. Intellectually I know what I should do, yet I don't do it. So, what do I have planned?

    - for exercise, I either do a shovelglove workout or a FUN-damentals workout (by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock, download here )

    - for diet, I will cook some meat or poultry with lard or palm oil, add some dark green veggies (broccoli and spinach are my favorites), tomato extract and herbs and spices. Some days I might do a broccoli omelet with cheese. For snacks, sometimes dark chocolate, other times, fried chicken skin. Some days I'll do a 16h IF, other days maybe a 24h fast.

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    Day 01:

    In the morning I did a 12min shovelglove workout.

    For lunch I cooked some meat with spinach, broccoli and a small piece of carrot.

    In the afternoon I had a cup of milk and coffee.

    Later I decided to do a level 1 FUN-damentals workout. It was painful, I barely managed to complete it.

    For dinner I cooked some chicken breast with broccoli and had a cup of milk and coffee.

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    Day 02:

    Too tired and sore from yesterday. No workout.

    My lunch and dinner were almost the same: mixed veggies, a small piece of carrot, spices and meat cooked in lard. For dinner I added some cream before I ate.

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    Day 03:

    Today I ate bread, with butter. About 5 slices.

    For lunch and dinner I had omelet with cheese.

    My workout was just the shovelglove.

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    Day 04:

    I ate 2 slices of bread for breakfast.

    For lunch, mixed greens with chicken breast and cream.

    For dinner, chicken breast with cheese and cream.

    No snacks.

    I just did shovelglove again.

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    Day 05:

    No bread yesterday, but I realized that I am drinking too much milk (almost a liter per day) and that I am using too much lard to cook (using more than 1 tbsp).

    I didn't workout yesterday.

    Lunch: mixed greens with about 200g of chicken hearts cooked in lard. Added tomato extract, cream and some cheese.

    Dinner: about 200g of chicken gizzard cooked in lard, plus tomato extract, cheese and cream.

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    Day 06: Shovelglove workout. For Lunch and dinner, mixed greens plus chicken gizzard cooked in lard, tomato extract and spices.

    Day 07: Shovelglove workout. For lunch and dinner I had two processed beefs (bad stuff) with some sauce.

    Day 08: 2 shovelglove circuits + 1 FUN-damentals circuit. For lunch, I had broccoli with gizzard and bacon, cooked in lard, tomato extract and spices. For dinner, I had bacon and meat, cooked in palm oil, tomato extract, spices and mixed greens.

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