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Thread: Is all Australian beef grass fed?

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    Is all Australian beef grass fed?

    Is all Australian beef grass fed? I've read that it is, but would like to check as the article I was reading said that all Australian beef is grass fed unless stated. Is that true?

    I buy my meat from Coles supermarket now because they don't add any hormones to the cattle, and if they are grass fed as well then I guess that's the best I can get.

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    I'd like to know too, I heard a podcast that all cows here eat grass but I am not 100% sure?
    Have you contacted Coles?

    I just found this while searching.
    Australian Beef Association News

    Beef Should be the Least of Concern for Hormone Conscience Consumers
    Published: 22 Feb 2011
    News ID: 12119

    ABA Chairman Brad Bellinger said today, The promotion of Coles Supermarket in advertising hormone free needs to be put into perspective for those consumers wishing to avoid Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs).

    The marketing gimmick overlooks the fact that many everyday items found in the shopping trolley contain higher levels of hormones than beef.

    When compared with 500 grams of beef from HGP treated cattle the amount of oestrogen in 200 ml of milk is about seven times, a 375 ml of beer (stubbie) 10 times, a hens egg 150 times or the common cooking ingredient of 10ml soybean oil is 1800 times.

    Mr Bellinger stated, For consumers to avoid oestrogen in their grocery list would result in a very dull diet devoid of many staple products in our diet.

    The hormones in beef are natural and are safe to eat and consumers should be aware that they are at much lower levels that commonly consumed foods.

    Beef Producers are still waiting for premiums to be paid for cattle by Coles for hormone free beef. Tasmanian producers have been waiting for over 20 years for a premium for their cattle following a ban on HGPs in their state.

    Mr Bellinger said, "I suspect beef producers will be left out of the chain of increased returns promised by Coles. ENDS

    For more information please contact Brad Bellinger on 02 6725 4282 Mob 045 822 8989
    John Carter 02 4832 1179 or Mob 0427 321 179
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    I had this conversation with a mate just last weekend.
    I just assumed it was.
    We settled on grass reared, grain finished.
    Since neither one of us are in the cattle game, and we'd both been on the homebrew - it's probably safe to dismiss this conclusion.

    I buy by our meat from a wholesale butcher down the road who I know pretty well,so I'll ask him tomorrow.

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    Australia has plenty of grain fed cattle farms, as well as plenty of grass fed and grain finished cows. According to a brochure in Coles whether their cattle are grass fed or grain fed varies on the season. Personally, I would take it with a grain of salt and suppose all supermarket meat is feedlot crap until proven otherwise. Sometimes I see meat in the supermarket that is obviously grain fed crap and other times I see meat that could has spent time on the pasture, but could still be grain finished. Your best bet is to get your beef from a source you trust.

    Also, there are plenty of small farms that grow grass fed cattle on the side but I don't know where that meat ends up.

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    I think I've found the answer. They source both, depending on the season.

    Home | Guide To Meat | Beef

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    The website I buy grass fed beef from sells Australian Ribeye and it stated that it was finished of with grain feed.

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    That's a worry. I buy grass fed beef in bulk from Supabarn. I assume since it is clearly labeled as grass fed that it is completely grass fed and not grain finished? I guess I'll have to ask....
    On this topic, does anyone know whether lamb in Australia is grass fed or grain fed?

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    There are no CAFOs here but there are specialty operations that grain or grass feed exclusively while most grass feed unless feed is short.

    Its very reassuring to drive around the country and see cattle queuing at the farm dairy for milking
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    Quote Originally Posted by judoka View Post
    That's a worry. I buy grass fed beef in bulk from Supabarn. I assume since it is clearly labeled as grass fed that it is completely grass fed and not grain finished? I guess I'll have to ask....
    On this topic, does anyone know whether lamb in Australia is grass fed or grain fed?
    Some lamb is grass fed, some is grain fed.

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    When I first saw the ' Hormone Free ' signs in Coles , it made me think of the " Feed a family of four for under $10 ' campaign , which is obviously a crock of s#*t ..the Beef is probably dripping with antibiotics , so I only buy grass fed organic Beef from my local Farmers Market . It costs a fortune but it's worth it . I work as a fishmonger so I can source top quality seafood ( no farmed fish ) at a staff discount , but the mainstay of my diet is free range chicken .. I buy a whole bird and can squeeze 3-4 meals out of it ...costs about 10 bucks for the bird which is pretty good value =]

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