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Thread: Is all Australian beef grass fed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by simodalcais View Post
    I work as a fishmonger so I can source top quality seafood ( no farmed fish ) at a staff discount , but the mainstay of my diet is free range chicken .. I buy a whole bird and can squeeze 3-4 meals out of it ...costs about 10 bucks for the bird which is pretty good value =]
    AWESOME job. Whatever you do, don't quit that job! Quality fish is really expensive.

    "While pasture-fed beef production dominates the Australian industry, the use of feedlots has developed dramatically since the mid 1980s. Feedlot production involves feeding cattle high energy feed for periods ranging from 60 to 300 days to achieve specific market requirements. Feedlots exist in both the north and the south of the continent, close to grain-growing areas. This sector provides high-quality marbled beef aimed primarily at Japanese consumers, with some shorter-fed beef also suitable for the domestic market."

    In other words, if it isn't labeled grass-fed or pastured, it ain't.

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    Hi, where can we find some grass fed beef in Australia?

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    You can buy it at Aldi

    OTOH, our beef is only feed in feedlots on the way to the abbatoir, unless it is being prepared for export. I think there are bigger things to worry about than the quality of our domestic beef
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    As I understand it most beef here is grassfed, but grain finished for the last month to fatten them up.
    I buy my grassfed and finished beef direct from the farmer, but all the butchers I have asked at have said their beef is grass fed, grain finished. Kind of defeats the purpose for us. So most beef here is grassfed, the more important question to ask is if it is grass finished as well.

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    You should try and seek out some ORGANIC grassfed beef. I live in a major city in Oz and I buy organic beef directly from a farmer who delivers straight to my door. 10kg beef pack for $170 = $17/kg. The quality is amazing!!!! Beats every other beef Ive had in the past. Do some searching around and youll find something I'm sure.

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    In Australia most cattle are grass-fed but most beef is grain-fed.
    For more details see the summary: GRUB | In Australia most cattle are grass-fed but most beef is grain-fed

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    Don't buy from supermarkets, ask your butcher. Here in Northern New South Wales I buy whole yearling grass-fed rumps and rib fillets from my local butcher, Meat Standards of Australia (MSA) graded for $12 a kilo sliced.
    To their surprise I always ask them for the trimmings as well so I can render them down to dripping.

    To answer to OP is no.

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