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Thread: Anyone Else Have Other Restrictions?

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    Anyone Else Have Other Restrictions?

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    Alright, my doc insists that I go to a FODMAPS diet to help with healing my digestive system. I told her about PB, while she is skeptic, she thinks it's better than continuing along my path of destruction.

    So, here is the deal along with all of the PB guidelines, I have additional restrictions I must follow...
    None of the following fruits or veggies:
    -Jerusalem Artichokes (sigh, these grow in my backyard)
    -Sweet pepers
    -Brussels Sprouts
    -Coconut milk/cream
    -Sweet Cherries
    Very limited quantities of, sugars and their alcohols (nothing artificial):
    -Oligosaccharides (Fructans, Galactans)
    -Disaccharides (Lactose)
    -Monosaccharides (Fructose)
    -Polyols (Sorbitol,Xylitol,mannitol, isomalt, erithrytol, arabitol, erythritol, glycol, glycerol, lactitol, ribitol)

    I guess my question is this:
    How many of you have other allergies or restrictions in your diet? And how do you get variety with this many restrictions? Does eating seem boring to anyone? Maybe that is the point.

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    Believe it or not, I'm allergic to raw fruits and vegatables lol.

    It's an enzyme that breaks down when heated, according to my allergist...

    Lots of steamed veggies with butter for this guy

    To answer your question, I find that I just keep eating the stuff I really like (beef, chicken, pork, eggs, broccoli, sugar snap peas, yams, spinach, bacon) and I don't really get bored. I do eat dairy and sometimes utilize protein shakes, unlike some others though.

    Good luck!

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    I would die if I couldn't eat avacado...
    If your food is fast, maybe you should fast.

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    Dear lord that's quite a list. Basically most fructose sources, so let's see.... Brussels sprouts and cabbage are on the list, but the other crucifers (cauliflower, broccoli, rabe, etc) aren't. Can you eat those?

    I'd be very sad if I couldn't eat onion, but most days I avoid most of the other vegetables (and don't eat much fruit). My staple plant foods are greens, which usually get sauteed in coconut oil or butter. Aside from that, I'll have some meat or fish to hang the meal on, but I actually have rather simple tastes despite having an epicurean flair .

    Concentrate on getting good quality examples of the things you can eat. If daily steak and steamed/sauteed veg gets boring for you experiment with different spices, pan sauces (wine, cream, stock, butter), curries, stir-fries, frittatas, stews, braises, roasts.... What am I missing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by workinhard View Post
    Believe it or not, I'm allergic to raw fruits and vegatables lol.

    It's an enzyme that breaks down when heated, according to my allergist...
    lol, that's raw veganism out the window then.

    And that is a mighty list. I'm not sure if i'm allergic to anything. Don't think so, not even milk which i can tolerate in great quantity although i don't drink it anymore. Perhaps there are things i am secretley allergic to, what are the symptoms for you if you eat those listed foods?

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    I would make the most comprehensive list you can think of of the foods you CAN eat and start to explore recipes.
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    Well, right now I am under religion pre lent restrictions (no meat, eggs/cheese allowed), and after next week I will be under more severe restriction (no meat, dairy, eggs, and wine) till after Holy Pascha.
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    At least steak is not on the list?

    But yeah, what runnergal said. Make a list of the *can-eats* and go from there. A lot of recipes are going to frustrate you simply because so many are going to call for garlic and/or onion.

    What I don't see on your list is limes or hot peppers or tomatoes or cumin. Which leaves you wide open to many southwest style recipes. Many of these will call for both onion and garlic, but with the above ingredients you can definitely make a totally yum showing of most recipes of that style. You just can't add guacamole. (sad face)

    Looks like you can still do sour cream if you aren't cutting out dairy for PB.

    You should probably ask your doc if hot peppers are okay, because I see sweet peppers on your list and there's not a huge amount of difference between the composition of each pepper beyond the heat. After all, a Habanero is just a bell pepper with a napoleon complex and the attitude to back it up.

    Egg recipes (quiche, frittatas, etc) will probably also offer a fair range of recipes that you can do.

    And most seafood really only wants lemon juice, salt, and pepper (and perhaps a healthy wad of butter) and pairs well with greens (spinach sauteed in butter is a favorite with salmon).

    To answer the question you actually asked, however, my diet is actually very limited at the moment - pretty much just beef, seafood, and a sparing amount of vegetable/fungal matter that amounts to little more than garnish most meals. And eggs. Lots of eggs. And of course butter and coconut oil. And I get by pretty much by choosing the best I can afford of whatever I'm eating and taking the time to do it well.

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    No dairy at all until I get my stomach under control.
    Broccoli is on the OK list, cauliflower is not on either list I will have to check it.
    Cayanne pepper is on the ok list, so I am assuming the other hot ones are ok - I will have to check that one too.

    I am highly allergic to Shellfish, other seafood is ok...mussels make me nervous because I stopped eating them with the shellfish allergy several years ago.

    Otherwise, the OK list I have is very short and many foods aren't on it. I will have to double check with the doc on a lot of different foods to compile a list that doesn't make me even more insane.

    Unless I have an anaphylactic reaction, I usually just have severe digestive upset and seasonal allergy-type responses if I am allergic to something. Doc is suspecting leaky gut and/or fructose malabsorption along with a dairy intolerance. I think gluten really screwed my guts up for a long time.

    I love avocado, I love coconut, I am about to tell my doc to take a hike but I should at least see if it helps for a little while and then slowly add stuff back.

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    I am casein intolerant I believe so only eat ghee, no other dairy. I'm also celiac and allergic to corn but that's not an issue, except I am extra careful nothing is cross contaminated. I can't eat fruit or drink alcohol as it sets me up for sugar cravings and feeling groggy. Coffee makes me wheeze. Dark choc keeps me awake at night.

    Yep I have a very sensitive system and like lots of others here am also screwed up by gluten.

    Good luck. I am also working on gut healing.
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