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Thread: Feeling like the Grinch that stole Halloween.....

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    The Great Pumpkin is about to visit the kids all around the land, and I am getting accused of being the Grinch! Our old historic neighborhood has a Halloween tradition for Trick or Treaters from all over town, far and wide to come to the Boulevard. Not uncommon for 400+ kids to hit our house (with nice weather, even more) up for Treats.

    I want to give out hardboiled eggs, jerky, pemmican or at the worst some little boxes of raisins. Hell, I'd rather print out Mark's explanation of Primal Living and Nutrition and give that to the parents, but......

    My wife is down with giving out the junk as per Halloween norms. Smarties, Baby Ruths, Kit Kats, Pixie Stix, Milky Way, you know the drill. This is pretty much the way it is going. As we have no kids (YET, but we do have our first cave-baby in the making right now, due in mid April, holy crud!)

    I suppose I'm just projecting about being *that* guy, which I will be, when it comes to our own kid down the road. I read the posts here about raising kids up Primal/Paleo and it seems that school, birthday parties, social events, Halloween etc are going to present potential dietary trauma later as the kids grow. Just thinking aloud here.

    But it blows me away how clear it is that giving a cute little 4 year old dressed as a Ladybug a box of Milk Duds is NO DIFFERENT than giving that kid a tablespoon of vodka, or a couple drags on a cigarette..... just can't wrap my head around celebrating added sugar any more.

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    Homemade "treats" will be thrown away so you are wasting your time and money with anything but a packaged snack. Raisins sound like the way to go to me. Little packs of nuts? Chocolate isn't so bad right? Chocolate covered raisins.

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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    Eh, you can't police the world. I look at it as a way of thinning the herd. If parents can't, or won't, teach good eating habits, then there isn't much that one house can do out of hundreds.

    If you are that against it, I suggest just turning out the lights and not participating at all. Give out pencils, apples, or dimes, and you are asking for 400+ acts of retaliation!

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    Sir Grandma's right about the homemade treats - people will throw them away and label you as a terrorist because everyone knows all homemade treats have needles and razor blades in them. Oh, for the good old days when homemade treats were prized.

    I'm with you on the candy though. Giving it out is teaching kids that processed junk food is OK, and normal for them to eat.

    Even chocolate covered raisins, like Raisinettes, will be loaded with processed sugar. "Good" ones will be super expensive.

    Will kids really be bummed out about getting money? Is a dime really a bad thing? You could tell them, "We don't eat sugar at this house, so I got you money."

    Either that, or go spend the night somewhere else, like a hotel.

    The bigger problem will come when your own kid is old enough to trick or treat!

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    Yah, can't just shut out the lights, it is fun to see all the kids! My Husky enjoys greating them all! For all I know, a few of those parents take their kiddos home, sort through the madness of sugary doom, explain to the kids that "we don't eat this" and chalk it up as a Primal teaching moment! I can HOPE that is going on in at least ONE family out there.

    It would be tilting at windmills to change anyone with my "healthy" snack ideas. And home made would be tossed, for sure. Looks like raisins are the best of the sugary madness. And I can give jerky to any of my close family and friends' kids (jerky for all would be too costly, I'm the Grinch and Scrooge I guess).

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    Ugh, I'm dreading Halloween! My son has so many candy-related events coming up this month, and our neighborhood is trick-or-treat central. I usually give out smarties (hey, they're cheap) but maybe Hershey's Special Dark this year? A treat for the parents, because the kids won't touch them.

    Trust me, if you give out nuts or raisins, they will be the only things left in the bottom of the kids' bags come November. The parents will eventually just eat them, pack them into lunches, or throw them out.

    I'll do what I do every year--throw out handfuls of the crap whenever my son's not looking.

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    At our house, we'll give out mostly chocolate, although I may mix in some little boxes of trail mix. Last year some people in our neighborhood starting giving out little bags of pretzels, which is a slight improvement, I guess!

    We let out kids keep their chocolate booty, which is the only stuff they want to eat anyway. Since I don't eat sugar anymore the kids have really cut back on it all by themselves (!!!). The really gross stuff goes to work with my husband (where disappears from his desk at a truly scary rate)or the trash. Many parents I know do the same.

    BTW, one of my girls is going as Little Red Riding Hood & one of our huskies is dressing up as the wolf! That is gonna be fun!

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    That wolf costume ought to be pretty simple! Love to see a photo of them in full regalia! I'd give the dog a big buffalo bone, and the kiddo some buffalo jerky. THAT is a Primal Halloween costume!

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    One year I gave out Halloween pencils, skull / bat erasers, and non-food treats. They were a big hit.

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    Remember that in the end of the story the grinch joins in on christmas! The candy is a sugary teeth-rotting, belly bursting, insulin-exploding problem but Halloween, like everything else, is good in moderation. You can only hope that these "treats" really are treats, and that the kids don't eat pillow cases full of snickers at every opportunity.

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