I've been reading the posts about acne and PB, but I wonder if anybody has had any success curing rosacea with a primal diet. Rosacea is a little different from regular acne. People of Celtic descent are particularly prone to it, and it seems to be exacerbated by exposure to sun. It starts out as broken capillaries in the cheeks and on the nose usually, and sometimes turns into little red bumps. I've had this condition now for about 20 years; it started when I was around 35 I guess. It comes and goes.

I've been eating a primal diet now for a year. I still eat some dairy such as cheese and cream and butter, but almost no milk or yogurt Recently I stopped eating nuts, and my rosacea flared up. Not sure if there was any connection there, but nuts were the last PUFAs in my diet.

Thinking about eliminating dairy altogether as an experiment, and maybe fruit as well.