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Thread: rosacea

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    Short of IPL, is anyone aware of how to get rid of the broken capillaries around the nose?

    What's left of the redness on my cheeks I can deal with, but those broken capillaries really do bug me and are only getting worse the older I get. My mom and grandparents had this really bad, so I can see where this is heading....

    I actually went to this laser institute for pulse dye laser on cherry angiomas ("blood freckles") on my face. That is my primary concern and the least favorite thing about myself, and I am *FINALLY* getting these things removed. Those definitely cannot be fixed via an anti-inflammatory diet, and they drive me crazy! But the doc said, "While you are here, we can take care of this, too, if you'd like" (meaning the rosacea/broken capillaries). The pulse laser dye is a different treatment from the IPL. I would be willing to completely skip the IPL if only there was something I could do for these broken capillaries.

    I wonder who else had onset of rosacea right at 35, too? I was just e-mailing with a friend who has really bad rosacea, and she said hers came on at 35 as well. I definitely do have candida overgrowth, and that is actively being addressed, but it can be a real b*itch to truly eradicate. Interesting connection....
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    Here's some HCL info. Here's the info about the test.
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    Thank you shat.

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    I am having some success with Dr. Cordain's anti-acne diet. I have been doing it now for a week, and my rosacea has definitely improved. The main change to my diet was fewer high glycemic load foods, like potatoes and bananas. I don't go along with his advice to eat canola oil and flax oil, or to limit animal fat. I eat a lot of animal fat and coconut, and a Primal Blueprint diet generally. I eliminated cheese for the past week, but I still eat butter and cream.

    I had started eating more bananas and potatoes recently, simply because I had some carb cravings, but it turned out that wasn't a good idea. When my rosacea has cleared up, I might try adding a sweet potato now and then, and a banana every other day or so.

    Another thing I noticed about this very low glycemic load diet: it seems to make my stress incontinence less bothersome. I have had stress incontinence since I had a baby thirty years ago. I have done all sorts of exercises to try to fix this problem, with little success. But paying close attention to the glycemic load of foods has definitely helped that problem also.

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    I've had a lot of success with the Rosacea by really cutting back on Nightshades. It isn't gone, but it is 90% less than it was. I don't know that anything will get rid of the broken capillaries that I would be remotely interested in doing, but the redness/flushing is almost totally gone. I am unsure if it was the Nightshades, or if it was a cumulative result from cutting out all grains that started in late July. Regardless, I am happy that my face no longer glows in the dark...

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    after a couple of months with my new method of trying to deal w/ this stupid rosacea, i think i have finally found it. I have tried seabuckthorn oil and some other stuff but it didn't work.

    i gave up and just started to use Prosacea from CVS. It has parabens and all kinds of krap i don't like but it works. The main active ingredient is sulfur, so i bought a sulfur soap. This of course, dries the skin out so i started using 3 drops of organic argan oil too. This combo, daily, has made remarkable improvements. Really, i can hardly tell that i have the rosacea anymore and before that, my face was uncontrollably red with random breakouts. Those breakouts were really really annoying b/c i have always had good skin so this is just entirely new ground. Anyway --

    i'm considering trying just the sulfur soap and the argan oil and see what happens. I really don't like using the prosacea but i haven't found anything similar w/o all the yuk ingredients.

    just wanted to share b/c i am so delighted to finally after almost a year, to find something that alleviates this horrid condition.

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    My fiance's rosacea has almost entirely healed since going mostly Primal. He still has a few visible veins by his nose, but that's no worse than the birth-marks some unaffected people have. He still has a slight blotchiness to his blush, but you wouldn't guess he ever had rosacea itself.
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