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    am i eating TOO much fruit???

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    here's the thing, i know fruit is recommended and i love them, and i know all the sugar amounts which helped me minimized eating fruits that are very high in sugar like pineapple and watermelon and mango. but

    -i love eating a ruby red grapefruit a day
    -i also usually eat a couple clementines a day
    - in my 'green monster' smoothie, i add a BUNCH of blueberries and strawberries and a banana (some days i will also eat another banana on top of that)

    now, am i getting too much sugar (albeit natural sugar), but carbs nevertheless, from fruits???

    i am a pretty active runner, who is pretty skinny in general but looking to lose excess fat from my stomach area.
    honestly, i am not getting dissuaded, but i have awlays had a fast metabolism that allowed me to eat whatever i wanted without much exercise and hardly gain wait, but now that i am active 5ish days a week and doing 80-20 paleo (it's been 2 months now) i am kind of not getting the results i imagined. any hints on what i can be doing wrong?

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    Nobody here can answer that question as well as you can by cutting down on your fruit and seeing what happens.
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    caveman is right. you may have to experiment a little bit with cutting down fruit and seeing if the fat goes away at all.

    are you a runner only? do you do any strength training?

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    Read about the deleterious effects of fructose then decide for yourself.
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    you are eating too much fruit.
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    A good place to start might be to stop drinking your fruit. Chances are you're eating a lot more fruit in that smoothie than you would if you ate them whole, one by one.

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    lizch - i found that to be true for me. I could drink a smoothy with a banana, a mango, and a pint of berries with some orange juice. But I could never just eat all that.

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    This bums me out!

    I am very new here and new to eating this way (a month in). I have had a history of vegetarianism off and on. I have been a huge fan of green smoothies for a long time. I drink about a quart a day for one of my meals. I can get mass amounts of greens in my diet this way. This this the only fruit I get in my diet. I almost never eat fruit otherwise to keep down on the sugars/carbs. My green smoothies consist of water, a couple of huge handfuls of greens, tsp of spirulina, berries, sometimes frozen peaches or mango, banana, and sometimes greek yogurt. If this ends up making more than a quart I share it with my kids so that I won't drink it all. Is this too much? I have lost 11lbs in this last month, but I have 30 more to go, so I want to do this thing right!

    Another reason I do the smoothiesis to help keep me regular, I have suffered from chronic constipation most of my life. Though I have found that grains and dairy have been my biggest culprit. I am just hoping the larger quantities of meat will not work against me. I am still learning about this way of eating. When I did the South Beach diet after my 3rd child, I felt sick all the time and was horribly stopped up. I am still trying to learn the differences in the two. I actually found the primal diet by accident. I was on a candida diet to help get a yeast problem under control. I felt so much better that I started searching out recipes to help keep me eating this way and stumbled onto the paleo and primal diets.

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    If you have to ask, you probably already know the answer.
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    That is a lot of fruit, much more than most of us eat, but you'll only learn the answer by experimenting.
    I eat usually 0 - 2 servings a day, so, some berries with yogurt and a banana later on would be about my max for the day. If I were in weight loss mode I'd not want to go over that.

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