I'm ex triathlete and runner and I would like to try PB diet to see if it works. So far I was doing typical bodybuilding diet with lots of oats, fruit, cottage cheese, chicken breast and 40/40/20 macro split.
Currently I'm doing some cross training, a lot of activity and it looks like this:
Mon - weightlifting (squat, bench, power clean) + 40 minute bike with 10x10'' intervals
Tue - swimming 3k with 10x50m intervals + 45 min. walk
Wed - weightlifting (squat, military press, power clean) + 40 min running with 10x10'' intervals
Thu - 80 min. bike ride with 10x30'' intervals + 45 min walking
Fri - weightlifting (squat, bench, power clean) + 30 min easy run
Sat - 30 min barbell complex + 3k easy swimming
Sun - 10k running with 10x30'' intervals + 1hr easy bike ride

My body is ok with this every day training and I don't want to give up this training routine. I'm wandering if PB high fat approach could work with this routine? How much protein/carbs/fat should I take? Currently I'm not counting calories so I have no idea how much should I eat? Any hints reg. calories?
Btw. I'm 165lbs, 6ft2in