Blog post here: Fit After 40!: False Hypoglycemia, Set Points and My New Blood Sugar Readings

I have an update on my blood sugar readings. I typically range between 5.3 to 5.7 mmol (95 to 103 mg/dl) during the day. My fasting blood glucose as tested by the lab in January 2010 was 5.3 mmol (95 mg/dl) and by the end of the year in December 2010, it was 5.2 mmol (94 mg/dl)- pretty much the same. After meals it might be 7.3 mmol (131 mg/dl) depending on what I ate for the meal.

A few weeks ago, I broke into heavy, drenching sweats during the night while I was sleeping. It was so bad I would wake up and have to take a shower before proceeding back to bed. My research led me to suspect these were episodes of false hypoglycemia. It was a mystery to me why this was happening as my blood sugar tends to be high and not low. These episodes have not repeated themselves since.

I decided to start measuring my blood sugar levels again.

Lo and behold, the meter read 4.2 mmol (76 mg/dl) . Two hours after eating, 4.8 mmol (86). One reading at 5pm before food showed 5.0 mmol (90 mg/dl) and a post-prandial reading of 5.7 mmol (103 mg/dl).

Another day at 11:30am it was 4.6 mmol (83 mg/dl). I would eat lunch, go boxing and read 4.1 mmol (74 mg/dl) before eating. Two hours after eating, it was 5.3 mmol (95 mg/dl). It goes on.

1:21pm before lunch and its 4.8 mmol (86 mg/dl). Today after cycling home from work, it was 4.4 mmol (79 mg/dl) after having a sushi lunch. Its been like this since February 12 onwards.

How to make sense of this phenomenon? What I believe happened was my body reset its blood sugar levels from the 5.x (90s mg/dl )range down to the 4.x range (70s mg/dl). Those episodes of hypoglycemia during the night was the body reaching a new set point level during the circadian cycle where gene expression is rampant.

All I know at this point is that my blood sugar is lower than it has ever been ever since I started measuring it over a year ago. All other things being equal, this is an improvement in a health marker for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

This was achieved with a Paleo\Primal Diet and regular exercise.

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I don't know how long it will last but I will continue to measure my blood sugar readings. It is important to understand that I am only ever 80% compliant with Paleo and yet still experience these benefits.

Victor in Vancouver