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    I love riding my bike! It's the most fun way I can think of to move my body so.... I've signed up to do a 66 mile ride. My question is... what can I bring that will fit in my pockets to eat when everyone else is eating goo and Cliff bars? Any suggestions? How bout to drink?
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    I'd suggest some nuts like macadamias or almonds. To drink, I'd have to just go with water.

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    I'm building up my mileage quite fast and struggling to avoid energy bars too, i managed 60 miles on sunday with water, an apple and a few nuts but was famished afterwards and destroyed today.

    Last week I did a similar distance and had a clif bar mid-way round, plus a banana and water and felt much better after... Anyone know of a more paleo energy bar?

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    i have used:

    - bananas
    - almond butter
    - some form of trail mix
    - sweet potato chips made in the oven

    to drink, definitely water. if its particularly hot you can add a bit of sea salt to it.

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    Larabars are IIRC all fruit and nuts, no grains like in Clif bars. There's also the DIY route.

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    Dates are a decent go-to for some energy.

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