I had a funny experience since going much stricter on my diet. I wanted to try these frittatas that I was hearing about so on two separate occasions I made them, and then couldn't eat them. Mind you, I love scrambled eggs.

The first time was caramelized onions with carrots, and then covered in eggs.

The second was with spinach and eggs.

In both cases, I cooked the veggies with the minimal fat left over from frying some bacon to accompany the meal. Each time, I ate the maybe 2 slices of bacon, and then didn't want any of the egg/veggie mixture. I never have this problem with eggs alone. I also often eat a pound to 1 pound of spinach/broccoli with my dinners.

What I decided was lack of buttery flavor to the eggs. Today I took the left over spinach egg combo and covered it with butter. It was much easier to eat.

I have never been a picky eater and both times I made the meal it was to break an 18 hourish fast. I should have been rather hungry. Any thoughts?