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    First: Cello, that is so cool! Cold stick and all.

    Ok, so not really a gripe, more like a "huh?" I had had a couple of drinks the other night, so I walked to a grocery store rather than taking my car. I didn't need much, so I knew I could put it all in my backpack for the walk back. When I got back to my apt complex, a couple of guys were out doing shots, so I joined them. One asked where I'd been and I told him.

    He started telling me how I could catch a bus there. I asked him if he knew it was only 1.1 miles to the store. He looked at me like I was crazy. Ummm... I don't get it. He's a good 10-12 years younger than I. Why would he take a bus? I could see if I got there and bought more than I'd planned maybe taking the bus back. But really? It just floors me. I consider myself one of the laziest creatures on the planet, but apparently there are worse.

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    getting out of a nice warm bed and it's cold.

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    yeah you are

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    My appetite is RAGING. Normally primal keeps me satisfied between meals, but now I'm like, eat ALL THE FOOD.

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    Day shifters have no idea of the torturous hell we nightwalkers endure. People be pointing out things around the house that need done. No shit. You work ten, sometimes twelve hours a night for eight days in a row and I'll happily drop by your place and point out all your unfinished business anytime. You know what I do? You want to put a camera on my head and watch this life? You got nothing. I owe nobody any explanation for my my lawn isn't mowed, why the floor is dirty, or why there's a rusty washer and dryer in my driveway. Eight days of infinite patience with difficult patients, fussy bosses and doctors who don't know how to order labs. Bending rules to get the job done and covering your footsteps to make sure everyone is happy and the job gets done right. Then, on my six days "off", I spend the first two in an exhausted daze trying to recharge, the next two are the WEEKEND stuffed full of grocery shopping, church, trying to get ONE DAY ALONE WITH MY WIFE if I'm lucky, and then Monday and Tuesday I get to do a few things, all with the guillotine of the coming workweek overhead. There's a reason night shift pays more. We don't live. If you have a night shifter in your family - give them a BREAK.

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    My little beastie's inspection and registration came and went while I was unemployed and broke. I STILL need to get that done, and before we go to Dallas for Thanksgiving. Before I can get her inspected, I need to get Geek to change her oil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    +1 and politics (is that two gripes?)
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    ... *snip*

    There's a reason night shift pays more. We don't live. If you have a night shifter in your family - give them a BREAK.
    When I was active duty, I used to work a rotation shift: 4 dayshifts, 4 swingshifts, 4 nightshifts, 3 days off then start over again. It sucked big time. Life was easier when I worked straight 12-hour dayshifts (one random day off every couple weeks). You have my sympathy and a *hug*.

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    The World War Z trailer finally came out:

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    Well said Chaohinon. WTF are they doing even calling it World War Z? Just call it Lame-ass Zombie Movie with Brad Pitt that has Absolutely Nothing to do with World War Z. Okay, a bit long for a title but at least it would be true.

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