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Thread: Gripe of the Day

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    Fucking Federal government; they need to stop bickering over stupid shit and run the country. DH works for our state dept. Of natural resources and was to attend a workshop in North Carolina paid for by the EPA. They cancelled the workshop on Friday afternoon because everything was up in the air; and of course, late Friday night things were more or less settled. My gripe is that I was looking forward to 4 days to myself and a quiet house. And eating stuff DH doesn't like and just doing my own thing like not cooking if I didn't want to, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynna View Post
    Fucking Federal government; they need to stop bickering over stupid shit and run the country.
    NO. That is the last thing they need to do.

    What "runs the country" is each of us going to work every day and contributing to economic growth, the fed gov is a parasite.

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    [quote=j ... The fed gov is a parasite.[/quote]


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    gotd: Turns out the local arborteum where I walk almost every week started asking for Ids to go along with the member card; so when I got there I remembered my DL, and it turned out I've been carrying someone else's card for nearly a year and had never noticed the tiny print names on the back. Apparently they had given me someone else's card last year. They let me in, but I came home and searched through my last year's receipts and found it; what an aggravation. But minor in the grand scheme.
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    I cant go sunbathing in my own back garden cause next door are replacing the fence between our gardens. I just wanna lay down and read lord of the rings in peace and get a tan at the same time D=
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    Leaf blowers and weed whackers early in the morning or anytime for that matter.

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    Women that smoke. Ugh! Yuck! If I wanted to know what it's like to make out with an 81 y.o. grandpa I'd go knock on my neighbors door.
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    pediatrician's... Nuff said..
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    IT lockdowns.
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    My gripe of the day: Pulling that hammie on Thursday and not being able to work out like I wanted to today.
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