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Thread: Gripe of the Day

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    Wow, really? I've never seen that on my tuna. Mmmm...mystery broth. No thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    If this computer had a face, I would be punching it, repeatedly, until my knuckles were broken and bleeding, just so it could go to the hospital and be someone else's problem. This would have been a great learning experience, up until extending over the weekend and my fix not working because of a stupid application (the idea was sound, the program just did not do what it was supposed to do, despite SAYING it had completed successfully).

    I never get mad at the computer-that little PC piece of crap. I just want to slap Bill Gates for being so stupid. He may be rich but omg his software sucks.

    Rant over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldie View Post
    For heaven's sake, I DON'T care what you're doing in your cube. I make a point of NOT looking into it. You don't need to "wallpaper" the window between our cubes to keep me from looking! Really!
    Maybe they just want to watch porn in peace.
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    I had to install Microsoft fonts on my computer for my job and now all web sites look like crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mud Flinger View Post
    There are some brands that don't add the crap - keep reading labels. I buy the Sunflower Market yellow fin tuna for abt. $1.30 a can and it has no soy or funky oil in it. I think all the name brands add it though.
    I will keep looking. Maybe Trader Joes will have some without 'stuff'...

    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    most of the water packed tuna i've seen in the stores has "broth" in it. who knows what's actually in that.
    I actually found one brand that listed a couple things in the vegetable broth, and soy and corn were both in it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapper47 View Post
    I never get mad at the computer-that little PC piece of crap. I just want to slap Bill Gates for being so stupid. He may be rich but omg his software sucks.

    Rant over.
    A failed HDD has nothing to with Windows sucking or not sucking. I was actually using a Linux application on a bootable CD to try and clone the busted HDD, but none of the software is reconfiguring the partitions correctly. Or maybe I didn't format the destination drive properly beforehand. Either way, it didn't work and I'm loathe to try again as it's a 3-6 hr process due to her IMMENSE amount of data.

    Basically, this lady is screwed. All I can do is set up her new machine for her and transfer whatever recoverable data I can get and tell her to have fun. It sounds simple, but I keep stressing out about it MAJORLY.

    Yesterday was an 11 hr day. Today is not looking good so far, at hour 3.
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    Just moved to a new town in the mountains, it's smaller and only has one grocery store with limited access to primal friendly protein. Though I did find bison steaks and some wild caught salmon - they were very steep and there's not grass-fed beef, pastured organic cream, or pastured chicken eggs to speak of. I need to find out about farms in the area soon so maybe I can just buy straight from the source.

    Fortunately they do have reasonably priced organic produce . . . so I may be eating more fruits and veg and less meat . . . there are worse things in the world though, I suppose.
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    GOTD: Friends who can't seem to remember that I have a life altering medical condition and act like I CHOOSE to just not ever participate in anything fun at all...
    Right... that's why I stay at home, and don't drive, and don't go to movies, and don't have drinks, and can't be in loud areas... I just HATE fun so much that had rather sit right here ALONE.
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    You can hang with us, Cori...

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