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Thread: Gripe of the Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoyoteVick View Post
    (I'm not attacking YOU personally, just that mentality of "I want to talk to your boss". Yeah, I got six of 'em, which one ya want?
    Understood and it is only with AT&T specifically. I have been an AT&T customer for years and have spoken with customer service at least 30 times. After a while you figure out what works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    ^this. Which is why this occurs.

    ATT: insert whatever message here
    me: I would like to speak to a supervisor please.
    ATT: yes sir but if...
    me: I would like to speak to a supervisor please.
    ATT: what is it in regards...
    me: it is in regards to the fact that I would like to speak to a supervisor please.
    ATT: but if you will...
    me: I would like to speak to a supervisor please.
    ATT: one moment I will transfer you

    Though truth be told I usually have my GF call. She worked customer service for years and knows exactly what to say to get things done.
    Lol, I used to do that
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    Realtor sales people who act like having to earn their 6% is too great a burden. If I wanted to give it away, I wouldn't bother with a salesperson!
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    Making bacon this morning and not being able to have any Doing the whole 30 and my uncured bacon has sugar in it
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    Had to wait 10 minutes while co-worker "cooked" her frozen mac n cheese in the microwave so I could heat my chicken dish - for 1 minute. She does some frozen thing everyday and I never realized how nasty and chemical they smell until I went PB.

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    It is 60 degrees inside our work area today. It's warmer outside. And in the kitchen. For some reason our AC system is super old and just doesn't work correctly. My thyroid/adrenal issues do make me more suceptible to cold weather, but everybody else is freezing too. I'm wearing big heavy socks, leg warmers (under my work pants), a shirt, a small sweater, a large sweater a scarf around my neck, a shawl over my head and fingerless gloves. And I'm still cold. If I could move around more that'd help, but it's a desk job. Grrrrrr.
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    Weird armpit dripping while I'm cold. Apparently, I'm not cold enough.
    Calm the f**k down.

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    You ever tried to find black 6" (not from ground to top, 6" above ankle) lace up steel toe (must be steel toe, not safety toe) boots in a women's size 6? You ever find those at a place that doesn't cost an arm and 3 legs? From all I've seen, my options are Doc Marten or Harley Davidson. Even online. That's IT. Not even RED WING has a steel toe in my size.
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    Is it mandatory that they're black? Marks Work Wearhouse in Canada carries women's steel toes, but the colour range can be somewhat limited.
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